ICICI Bank Warns on New Scam Targeting Customer Accounts - How to Stay Safe

ICICI Bank Warns on New Scam Targeting Customer Accounts - How to Stay Safe

ICICI Bank alerts customers to a rising scam involving malicious links and urges vigilance to safeguard against potential financial loss.

As technology advances, so do the threats posed by cybercriminals. ICICI Bank has issued a warning to its customers regarding a new scam circulating in which malicious links and files are used to target unsuspecting individuals. This scam has the potential to drain bank accounts and cause significant financial harm to victims.

The scam involves distributing an APK link to individuals, enticing them to download the file. Once installed and registered, the APK accesses the victim's phone messages, including one-time passwords (OTPs). To combat this threat, ICICI Bank advises customers to report suspicious messages to the National Cyber Crime portal immediately.

The bank says, "Remain vigilant and ensure that you do not install any suspicious/malicious application in your mobile from untrustworthy sources. ICICI Bank never sends any SMS/WhatsApp message to its customers, asking them to call a particular mobile number or download any application."

To protect against such scams, ICICI Bank recommends the following security measures:

1. Keep your mobile device updated with the latest software and security patches.

2. Download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store and App Store.

3. Install and regularly update antivirus software from trusted providers.

4. Be cautious when granting permissions to applications on your device.

5. Avoid clicking on links in emails or SMS messages from unknown senders.

6. Never share sensitive information like OTPs, PINs, or card details with anyone, especially over the phone or the internet.

By following these guidelines, customers can help mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats and safeguard their financial well-being.

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