EU iPhone Users Could Soon Tap and Pay Without Apple Pay

EU iPhone Users Could Soon Tap and Pay Without Apple Pay

EU regulators may approve Apple's plan to open iPhone NFC technology, ending a two-year legal battle over mobile wallets.

Apple is on the verge of allowing developers in the European Union to utilize its tap-to-pay technology. A recent report by Reuters suggests that EU regulators are poised to endorse Apple's proposal to open up the payment system, potentially putting an end to a two-year legal dispute.

In 2022, the European Commission accused Apple of monopolizing mobile wallet markets by restricting third-party payment apps from accessing the iPhone's NFC (near-field communication) hardware, favouring its own solution, Apple Pay.

Earlier this year, the European Commission revealed that Apple had agreed to permit third-party payment providers to freely utilize the iPhone's NFC capabilities. Additionally, Apple's proposal includes granting developers access to Face ID for user authentication and allowing iPhone users to set third-party apps as their default payment option, as per Reuters.

The Commission is expected to greenlight Apple's offer in May, pending some requested modifications. If approved, the proposal would be effective for a decade. However, it's uncertain whether these changes will extend beyond the EU, as Apple has yet to confirm its plans to open NFC to developers outside the region.

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