Filmmaker Ssharadh Chandra Tadimeti Says, 1134 Movie Is Based On A Few True Incidents

Filmmaker Ssharadh Chandra Tadimeti

Filmmaker Ssharadh Chandra Tadimeti


These days young and talented filmmakers are showing off their mark with their debut movies itself.

These days young and talented filmmakers are showing off their mark with their debut movies itself. Arjun Reddy fame Sandeep Reddy Vanga, Awe! director Prashant Varma and Run Raja Run filmmaker Sujeeth belong to the same category and there are a few more who are ready to join this list…

In our recent chat with young director Ssharadh Chandra Tadimeti, he also expressed the same confidence and thus, we are here to reveal many things about his upcoming movie '1134'…

Hi Ssharadh garu… First of all your name grabbed our attention as it has a double 'S' right?

Yes… I believe in numerology and that's the reason behind the uniqueness name! Back in 2014, I changed the spelling as I believe more in spirituality…

A few words about your childhood…

I completed my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya 1 (Uppal) and I was a very active student. Be it co-curricular activities or any other competitions, I used to top it! But then my concentration on studies was a little bit low as I just needed pass marks. Back in 2004, I was punished by my social studies teacher Sheela Devi and she told me to speak out about the 'Soil Erosion' topic. With this incident, I came to know about my remembrance power and interest in Geography and History subjects too!

Next, speaking about my college days, YouTube just started to spread its wings then. So, with my interest in short films and talent in storytelling, slowly I became a part of the film industry from 2013.

All about your first opportunity…

Luck and opportunity favoured me… In 2012 a few of my friends were part of the 3G love movie. The shooting was done in Vizag but the promotions went on in Hyderabad. So, as I was part of them, I got a chance to meet producer Prathap and director Raju. So, in the first meeting itself, they liked my promotional presentation and since then I am travelling with the filmmaker. Even I penned the script for Ram Charan's Rachcha remake and my last assignment was with Nandi award winner Neelakanta garu. I worked with him on Bollywood's 'Queen' movie remake. On the whole, I entered the industry as a scriptwriter!

From my childhood, I was interested in storytelling and that passion made me turn into a scriptwriter. After analysing the story, I pen a few versions and materialise it at the end. I go with the ideology of making the first draft turn into the final one!

What was your parents reaction when you put forward your interest in filmmaking?

I feel very lucky to be part of my lovely family. My father was a defence officer so, I had full freedom in choosing my career! Even after his friends passing comments on my career, he was confident and used to give them a befitting reply! His one dialogue, "My son is in the right way of bagging respect than earning money" doles out how he raised me!

What was your first step as a filmmaker… At what moment you got the thought of directing a movie?

I manifested the '1134' concept back in 2012 and 2013 itself. But as I was young, was a little bit scared to start the project. I thought to take time and took inspiration from Sujeeth (Saaho director) and Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam (Pelli Choopulu fame). Even I admire Puri Jagannadh and I was just waiting to bag the experience to helm a project and handle any type of situation individually!

How was the '1134' concept materialised and when did you pen the script?

• Back in-between 2012 and 2013, a couple of incidents caught my attention and the first one was the 'ATM Robberies' that took place in the state frequently in a parallel way.

• The second incident was Indian Pakistan border disturbances… I also heard many things about RAW agents and Ajit Doval (National Security Advisor (NSA)).

• Coming to the last one, it was about WikiLeaks… There were many allegations on Julian Assange as he leaked many secrets global wide!

• One night, I was sitting on a railway bridge and was in a state of depression but at the same time, a Negro guy is seen at the same place staring at me. But he came there to deliver a drugs parcel.

These four incidents inspired me a lot and adding a few other fictional elements I penned the 1134 script. I wrote 10-11 versions of the script from 2013 to 2018 and then finalised one from it. Even I changed the script many times during the shoot time too.

Did you pen the script having some big hero in your mind?

The three main roles of the movie are biker, hacker and executer… They do the same robbery but aren't connected with each other! For hacker, I wanted to rope in Varun Sandesh and Sundeep Kishan for executer! Finally, I also wanted to take in Manchu Manoj as a biker as I am a huge fan of him!

Did you narrate the story to these Tollywood actors?

I narrated the story to a producer but it didn't get materialise. But I had confidence in my content and it will speak on behalf of me… Then I met Andala Rakshasi hero Naveen Chandra's manager Satya garu and then narrated another story. He liked it very much and his 20 minutes turned into more than 2 hours. But as Naveen Chandra was busy with other projects, it also didn't get materialised. Then I also turned busy travelling with Neelakanta garu. So, I never met the heroes whom I mentioned above and thus, the project got halted!

But then suddenly my father expired and I took the responsibility of taking care of the financial section of my family. As I am a trained instructor, I used to spend my time in the gym from morning to evening and be with my family.

While penning the script or making the movie, did you experience any low points and disappointing moments?

Not at all… Having a wonderful friend's circle, they stood by me in all ups and downs and motivated me all the time.

For instance, going with my 1134 movie script, the important elements of the film needed a raw and rustic setting of a garage similar to Junior NTR's Janatha Garage. So, I asked the same thing to my friend who is an art director Ganesh. By luck, we found an exactly similar location and the owners neither charged a single penny nor objected us. They gave us the location for 5 days and we were very happy with their hospitality too. In the complete shoot, we used roughly 40-42 locations and everyone was very kind and happy with our work.

The 'No Budget' caption in your trailer also turned heads!

Yes… as I said, we didn't spend a single penny on shooting locations, even my friends were also supportive. We used our own equipment to shoot the movie and went with limited sources. Instead of line producers, we had line managers as they managed every situation and made me concentrate on the making!

A few details about the cast of your film… Is everyone new to the industry?

Being a popular gym trainer, I had a very good circle. As a filmmaker, a few guys were in my thoughts. So, when I approached them, they were a little bit hesitant but I gave them confidence and finally, they didn't disappoint me! All of them are picked from my friends and gym circle. Krishna Madupu, Gangadhar Reddy, Phani Bhargav and Phani Sharma are the lead actors of this movie.

We all are so close and two of them are movie buffs… Krishna and Phani Bhargav gel with me a lot and they are the main characters of the movie!

A few words about your crew…

Music – Sri Murali Karthikeya… He is an experienced musician and he also worked with some ace music directors in the industry.

DOP1 – Najeeb: I met him in 2012 itself and from then he is travelling along with me.

DOP2: Nani aka Jitender Reddy: He completed a filmmaking course in abroad and then helped in making the movie. These both DOPs know the script from 2013 itself.

Assistant DOP Manikanta: He handled 35 per cent of the movie! As per their time and convenience, all three of them worked as DOPs for 3 years.

Coming to the title of the movie, why did you name it as '1134'… Any reason behind it and how is it related to the movie?

The movie plot totally deals with 1134 digits. If you also look into the trailer, the same thing is depicted and the title will definitely do justice to the movie. In 2014 itself, I fixed the title as the plot runs behind these magical digits.

What is the relation between 1134 digits and the 'Hell' word?

Well, if you type '1134' in the calculator and look it from the opposite side, it looks like 'Hell'…

While narrating the story or while shooting the movie, did anyone asked you to do some changes to the script?

No one suggested me the changes… But I myself improvised the script many times over time during the shoot times to get the best output!

Did you screen the movie to anyone like your parents and friends from the industry… What was their reaction?

Yes… A total of 4-5 members watched it and gave me positive feedback. One of my best friends and director Parameshwar Hivrale was totally impressed with the making. The film runs for 1 hour & 42 minutes and the pace of the film is very fast.

All about your trailer and its thriller elements…

Going with the trailer, some robberies take place in a parallel manner but the thieves are unaware of what is happening in the backend. This element of the movie raised the expectations bar a notch higher. So, the 1134 movie will create a diversion and reveal something big behind the robberies happening in the country and parallely also creating a buzz internationally.

Is the release date locked?

No… The movie is ready but the delay is happening in the music re-recording sessions. But they will also wrap-up soon!

Actually, talks are going on with an ace producer and as of now, I am not going to reveal the name. They want to take up the project… As I want a good platform to showcase the movie to the audience, our main aim is to hit the theatres in the best possible way! Even in the distribution section, I got offers from 3 countries too. As I am awaiting for a good presenter for the movie, I am really working hard to showcase the best output to that producer so, that rejection call doesn't hit his mind!

One more main aspect of the trailer that created noise is the 'Western Music'... Why did you pick it and the reason behind it?

I love English movies and they have a larger impression on my making. And as the movie runs more in the night time, I wanted to break the barrier of music composition and thought of going with the unique western style of BGM. Then I met singer Atulya and she presented a rock version. It was just out-of-the-box and most of them whom I sent the track gave me ultimate feedback and are completely blown away! There are a total of 2 western tracks and one Telugu rap in the movie. Even I love Saaho movie and it also had some western styles of music. Director Sujeeth is just like a brother to me and he always pats my back in gives me the strength to take the right step in my career. Even Tharun Bhaskar's ideology also inspires me a lot. I even love to listen to Puri Jagannadh's musings and if ever I face a failure, I will get motivated by listening to them. These three people from the industry are my lifeline in the industry!

My next question is all about the ATM locations… How did you manage to shoot in midnight?

Yes, we faced a lot of issues… Sometimes we took permission from the watchmen and handed over our car keys to make them believe! Even a few fun incidents also took place during the shoot time. As the making was done during midnights even we had to check all about Police patrolling details to know their timings!

How many days did it take for shooting?

In the course of 3 years, we shot for 45-60 days and due to some reshoots, time got extended. But from the starting point of the movie to the wrap-up time, it took a total of 3 years time! Even the Covid-19 pandemic also delayed the shoot!

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect the shooting?

During the last day of the shoot, we were at a factory in Nagole! We had all the permissions and our shooting time was between 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM. But suddenly a few people stopped the shooting and created some issues. To my bad luck, I had no mask and the drone operator Koti had to go to Dubai for IPL matches the next day. But he, unfortunately, tested positive and the next day I too got in contact with it. That way on the last day of the shoot too, Covid-19 affected us.

Even as a result of Post-Covid-19 side effects, I was attacked with partial paralysis and I was bed-ridden for a few months.

Details of your Post-Production:

I edited the movie from February, 2020 to April 2020… There were many cuts in the movie and finally, the movie length is 102 minutes! The first look poster was designed in 2021 by Mr. Madhan and it was released in February, 2022 two days ahead of the trailer.

Are you planning to take this movie on a Pan-India level?

As I said, talks are going on with an ace producer… If it materialises, then the call is on him! My movie has no boundaries as visuals and the screenplay makes the audience get involved in the plot. It holds lots of twists and turns just like a snake and ladder game!

Did you get any offers from the OTT platforms?

Yes, a couple of OTT platforms approached me after unveiling the trailer. So, even after the producer I mentioned drops off, my back-up plan is ready. OTT platforms actually turned into a boon in the Covid-19 phase and now, they are encouraging young talent!

Did you like the output of the movie?

Yes definitely, as per my vision it came perfectly. I am damn sure that the audience will experience a great night aura!

1134 mainly deals with the robbery concept and the story is a suspense thriller. The last 25 minutes i.e the pre-climax will definitely make the audience experience the next level of edge-of-the-seat drama!

Did you receive the appreciation from film industry biggies after unveiling the trailer?

Vishwak Sen, director Sujeeth, Rahul Ramakrishna and Neelakanta sir loved the trailer a lot and their review made me turn more confident about the output.

Do you have any other scripts other than 1134 in your kitty?

I have a total of 13 – 14 ideas and I want to showcase the audience different genres in the thriller concept itself. I have come to the industry to prove my mettle and thrillers are my cup of tea! I am like Puri Jagannadh as I also like to finish off my projects in very less time!

A few words about your family…

My father, mother, sister and my pet… This is my zone and we stay close to each other and share everything! They are also pretty sure about me hitting the industry with the right chord!

Do you have any other offers in hand?

Yes… A couple of actors contacted me but first, my whole concentration is on 1134 and it needs to be screened in the theatres!

Finally, what will the audience expect from the movie?

It's a proper dinner to the audience!

Rapid Fire Section:

1. What is direction for you?

It is my life!

2. Did you ever get a chance as an actor?

No, but I essayed a small cameo role in a movie!

3. Puri Jagannadh Or Sujeeth?

Puri Jagannadh is a Godfather and Sujeeth is a leader to me!

4. 1134

It is a first step towards a bigger 1134 universe!

5. Bestie in the industry

Parameshwar Hivrale and Neelakanta garu…

6. Your first appreciation

"Did you make an English movie"

7. Family

The most precious gift I have ever imagined…

8. Other genre which attracts you

Predominantly thriller on a love side!

9. OTT or big screens

Life saviour is OTT and big screen in my dream!

We Hans India specially thank Ssharadh Chandra for giving us your precious time…

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