Emily In Paris On Netflix Is Sex And The City For Digital Millennials

Emily In Paris

Emily In Paris 


Emily In Paris is the latest Netflix original series that premiered on the popular OTT platform.

Emily In Paris is the latest Netflix original series that premiered on the popular OTT platform. From the makers of the famous series Sex and the City, Emily in Paris stars Lily Collins in the titular roles besides talented artistes like Lucas Bravo, Ashley Park, Camillie Razat, Phillipine Leroy-Beaulieu among others. Set in the France capital Paris, the most romantic place in the world, Emily in Paris is about a Chicago professional who ends up in Paris to lend an American perspective to the marketing ideas of a top firm. But little does she realise that you just cannot enter France let alone work there without knowing the language as her colleagues spare no chance to belittle her ignorance calling it arrogance.

Emily in Paris Review: The entire world is hooked to Korean and Chinese dramas these days. Despite the fact that they stretch for over an hour and lasts beyond 20 episodes, the gripping plotlines keeps you hooked. But if you are looking for a change and are up for some binge watch worthy show, then Emily in Paris is perfect weekend watch which I bet you will finish at one go.

Parts of the series remind you of Sex and the city and Devil Wears Prada. The best part about the Netflix original series is that the duration of each episode is less than half hour and also the first season finishes in just 10 episodes which works fine for working professionals looking to break the monotony and have some fun.

Another reason for you to watch Emily in Paris on Netflix is the place itself where it is set. The beautiful cinematography and of course Emily's costumes, the storyline about feeling lonely in a strange land despite it being on every person's wishlist is relatable.

Finding acceptance at workplace in a foreign land, finding friends who you can trust and can speak your language in a new place ....all these challenges and more are explored in Emily in Paris.

Verdict: Emily in Paris on Netflix is worth a watch for all those looking for light hearted comedy. It has drama, romance and lots of adult scenes too. So the recommendation is not to watch with your kids. Overall, Emily In Paris should be your go-to movie next weekend.

Rating: 3.5/5

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