With nearly 3M voters, Chevella to have a total of 2,877 polling stations

With nearly 3M voters, Chevella to have a total of 2,877 polling stations

Maheshwaram, Rajendra Nagar and Serilingampally have the most number of critical polling stations

Rangareddy: Fornearly three million voters in Chevella Lok Sabha segment, the Election Commission has established a total number of 2,877 polling stations that include 1029 critical polling stations, 405 critical polling station locations and 53 auxiliary polling booths.

According to official statistics, there are a total number of 29,19,465 voters in all the seven constituencies of Chevella Lok Sabha segment that include Maheshwaram, Rajendra Nagar, Serilingampally, Chevella, Pargi, Vikarabad and Tandur. Four out of seven constituencies – Maheshwaram, Rajendra Nagar, Serilingampally and Chevella comes under Rangareddy district while the rest of the three constituencies are part of the newly formed Vikarabad district.

Serilingampally constituency is the top among the list of electors in the entire Chevella Lok Sabha segment with 7,50,784 voters enrolled in the voter list that includes 2,84,024 male and 2,70,310 female voters besides 66 third genders. For this reason, Serilingampally is leading among all the seven constituencies when it comes to the number of polling stations. Serilingampally has a total number of 622 polling stations followed by Rajendra Nagar constituency (535 PS), Maheshwaram (511 PS), Pargi (305 PS), Chevella (298 PS), Vikarabad (284 PS) and Tandur (269 PS).

Rajendra Nagar stood second among the list of most electors with 6,06,124 voters that include 3,13,993 male and 2,92,094 female voters and 37 third gender. Relatively close is the Maheshwaram constituency with a total number of 5,54,400 electors that include 2,84,024 male and 2,70,310 female voters, besides 66 third genders.

Interestingly, Tandur and Vikarabad are the two constituencies where female voters surpass the number of male electors. Out of a total number of 2,42,397 voters in Tandur, male voters account for 1,17,425 while the female voters are 1,24,965 beside seven third genders. Similarly, there are a total number of 2,30,961 electors in Vikarabad that include 1,14,613 male and 1,16,336 female voters with 12 third genders.

Chevella has a total number of 2,68,814 electors with 1,34,880 male and 1,33,929 female voters besides five third genders. Similarly, Pargi has a list of total 2,65,985 enrolled voters with 1,33,302 male and 1,32,674 female electors besides nine third genders as per the official statistics.

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