Will fulfill dreams of TS martyrs if voted to power: Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Bandi Sanjay Kumar


Main aim of my yatra is to expose anti-people policies and actions of KCR government

Karimnagar: State BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar has state that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has been found guilty in the people's court. And people of the state are ready to reject KCR's leadership in the upcoming general elections. If TRS wins again in Telangana, it will make the State a beggar like Sri Lanka, said Bandi Sanjay in a special interview to The Hans India on Sunday, on the eve of his 5th phase Praja Sangram Padayatra, which will be undertaken from Monday.

THI: If people are against the TRS how it won Munugode by-election and BJP lost?

A: TRS made a mockery of democracy in Munugode by-election. The entire State has seen the level to which CM KCR has stooped to defeat the BJP. TRS made a secret pact with the Congress and the communist parties put their ideologies at his feet. Rs 10,000 per vote was given to voters with the corrupt money of TRS leaders and alcohol poured out. An MLA for a ward and Minister for a village were made in-charge and they made serious threats that if TRS is not voted for, pensions will be cut. Even if all the parties were united, they drank alcohol and spent thousands of crores, finally, TRS won in a blink of an eye. In the past, people used to cast 12,000 votes for BJP but this time they cast more than 86,000 votes. So, people have already judged that BJP is the only alternative to the TRS.

THI: How does the BJP view the killing of a forest officer Khammam?

A: It is very sad that Forest Officer Chalamala Srinivasa Rao of Erlapudi, Raghunathapalem mandal of Khammam district was killed. Years have passed since KCR promised to take care of podu lands issue in the Assembly. So far not even a single patta was issued. After coming to power, he has been harassing the tribals and adivasis who have no livelihoods other than from the podu lands. He is making the forest officials scapegoats by inciting attacks on them. KCR, who promised to take care of the podu lands is attacking the podu cultivators. The Chief Minister is the murderer of Srinivasa Rao. The law says that the one who incited the murder is the first culprit rather than the one who committed the murder. So the BJP is demanding that a case of murder under section 302 be registered against CM KCR. Since KCR is in power, he could escape from the law but in the next elections, people are going to hang the KCR government.

THI: The party leaders including KCR are alleging that the Centre is acting vengefully in the name of attacks on ministers and TRS leaders, what is your answer?

A: Why are TRS leaders shrugging their shoulders if IT raids on Minister Malla Reddy are carried out? The IT officials are raiding and investigating the complaints of malpractice in Malla Reddy's businesses and educational institutions only after collecting accurate information for the last 6 months. TRS leaders should remember that the IT raids are being done against a businessman. If TRS leaders including Malla Reddy are clean why are they preventing CBI from coming? Why are they attacking IT officials? Why are they filing cases for preventing them from performing their duties? If they are clean they should cooperate with the investigation and prove honesty.

THI: Isn't there an allegation against BJP that ED, CBI and IT attacks are being targeted opposition leaders? What do you say?

A: This is unfair. They are telling blatant lies. Don't forget Araku MP Geetha who joined BJP was arrested by CBI authorities. In many States there were IT raids on the leaders of BJP and allied parties. That's all Modi says. His policy is to stay away from corruption. No matter who are the wrongdoers, no matter which party they belong to, the Modi government is not going to let them go. CBI will act independently in this matter...

THI: TRS is alleging that the BJP is carrying out raids on its leaders as Telangana is at the number one position?

A: In which segment the State is number one? Telangana State is second in the country in terms of corruption. The TRS party is number one in the country in terms of buying votes with black money and damaging the democratic system. Being number one in false propaganda, the State is number one among unemployed suicides and the scams. Finally, if all these irregularities come out KCR is number one in creating new dramas and misleading people in the name of buying MLAs. Shall we leave such vile things as they are? Modi's government will take care of such people. It will go to any extent to protect democracy.

THI: You are going on a lengthy padayatra, is the goal of the padayatra accomplished?

A: The people of Telangana are facing many hardships under the rule of KCR. Golden Telangana has become a pile of debts. The main purpose of my walk is to bring the people together against the anti-people policies of the government and to provide reassurance to the distressed people. Similarly, the ultimate goal of my padayatra is to hoist the saffron flag on Golconda fort whenever the elections are held and form a government for the poor.

THI: Has the purpose of the padayatra been fulfilled? Are you confident that the goal will be achieved?

A: The padayatra was undertaken to provide reassurance to the people in distress. I have been successful in creating the feeling that BJP is there for the people who suffered under the KCR rule. All the people of the State believed that BJP is the only alternative to TRS in this State. According to that, people have given judgment to this extent in all the recent by-election results.

THI: What do you want to tell people through the 5th phase Padayatra?

A: Telangana was destroyed during 8 years of KCR rule and the state is deep in debt. If TRS comes to power again, Telangana will be put in a desperate situation like Sri Lanka. Already a debt of Rs 1.50 lakh is forced on each person. If the BJP is given power, we will continue the double-engine rule. With the cooperation of the Centre, we will not only overcome the debts but also develop the State in all ways. We will not cancel any welfare scheme which is currently useful to the people. We will improve further if necessary. In particular, we will provide free education and medical care, construct pucca houses for the poor and crop loss compensation for farmers. My appeal to the people is that so far Congress, TDP and TRS parties have been given a chance. Give BJP a chance this time, and we will show what development means. We will fulfil the dreams of Telangana martyrs.

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