Celebrating Telangana State’s rich culture & literary heritage

Celebrating T State’s rich culture & literary heritage

Celebrating T State’s rich culture & literary heritage


Through festivals, literary events and initiatives, the State has firmly established itself as a bastion of cultural revival and literary excellence

Hyderabad: Telangana, a vibrant state in India, celebrates a momentous milestone as it marks a decade of preserving its rich culture and literary heritage. Over the past 10 years, Telangana has emerged as a cultural powerhouse, nurturing and promoting its diverse traditions, languages, and artistic expressions. Through festivals, literary events, and initiatives, the State has firmly established itself as a bastion of cultural revival and literary excellence.

Speaking to The Hans India, Dr Mamidi Harikrishna, Director of Language and Culture department, Telangana government, said, “After the formation of Telangana, we came up with innovative initiatives to encourage and nurture the talent and skill of artists in Telangana. We started off these activities with an AAO (audience, artists, organisation) friendly approach. We worked towards 4R (redefine, restructure, rediscover, and rejuvenate) culture in the State. An occupation transformation was required for the artists after the formation of the State. Reviving the lost glory of our art forms was a challenge especially for the artists working in tribal areas.”

The Department of Culture in Telangana oversees six colleges dedicated to music and dance, fostering classical arts such as Kuchipudi, Perini, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Hindustani and Carnatic vocal and instrumental music. The government has also established the Sahitya Akademi for literature and the Sangeetha Natak Akademi for music, dance, and drama. Traditional art forms like Oggudolu, Kommukoya, Gussadi, Kolatam, Chindu Yakshaganam, Saradakandru, Bindlavaru, Koyabommalu, Harikatha, and Burrakatha have flourished and gained recognition.

To revive endangered art forms, Telangana organises performances of Chindu Yakshaganam and Harikatha in various temples under the banner of ‘Kaloddharana.’ These initiatives provide a platform for these art forms to flourish and offer livelihood opportunities to the artists involved.

Monthly cultural programs called ‘Kalarchana’ and the annual ‘Vasantotsavam’ showcase the talents of students from music and dance colleges, while preserving and promoting ancient art forms like Perini.

Telangana also focuses on nurturing drama among the younger generation through the ‘Yuvanatakotsavam’ held twice a year. The State commemorates World Folk Day with the ‘Janapada Jatara,’ a 10-day grand Folk-Art Festival celebrated across all 33 districts. The government also supports artists through the ‘Cultural Sarathi’ system, providing government employment to 583 artists.

The Telangana government has established the Paidi Jairaj Preview Theatre, providing a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their creative works. Various film festivals like ‘Cinevaram,’ ‘Avatarana Filmotsavam,’ and the renowned ‘Bathukamma Filmotsavam’ celebrate the cultural heritage of Telangana through cinema.

Recognising the contributions of elderly artists, the government provides financial assistance in the form of pensions, increasing the amount to Rs 3016 from June 2021. Telangana embraces its rich tribal heritage and cultural diversity through tribal fairs and festivals such as Sammakka Saralamma Jatara, Edupayala Jatara, Nagoba Jatara, Komuravelli, Ayinavolu, Korivi Veerabhadraswamy Jatara, Lingamantula Swamy Pedda Gattu Jatara, and Manyamkonda Brahmotsavas.

In honor of literary figures, Telangana organises birth anniversary celebrations for Dasharathi and Kaloji, presenting prestigious literary awards in their names. The state also celebrates the birthdays and anniversaries of significant figures like Mahatma Basaveshwara, Ishwaribai, Vardhanti, Komurambheem, Suravaram Prathapara Reddy, Prof. Jayashankar, and Sardar Sarvai Papannagoud.

Telangana’s commitment to the development of Urdu is reflected in the annual festival ‘Salam-e-Telangana.’ This event celebrates the rich traditions of Qawwali, Mushaira, Sufi Sangeet, and Ghazal, attracting renowned artists and enthusiasts. As Telangana reflects on its remarkable journey, it envisions a future filled with artistic innovation and the preservation of its ancient cultural heritage.

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