Private colleges in TS lap up gimmicks to garner publicity

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  • Tutorials and private educational institutions have been using top scorers’ names in order to gain fame and profits
  • Making false claims to promote the academy and lure students that the academy is the best should not be encouraged at all, says professors

Hyderabad: In order to gain fame, name and money, many of the private educational institutions are misleading students by promoting their institutions through advertisements in newspapers, TV and other media. Recently an advertisement of a girl named Tanishka of Rajasthan who studied in three institutes Allen, Aakash by Byjus and Narayana Medical Academy and became a no 1 Rank holder of NEET flooded in several newspapers and TV channels. Many city educationists expressed their resentment over this advertisement and claimed it to be false and also misleading students.

"Tutorials and private education institutions have being using top scorers names in order to gain fame and profits. They have stooped down to such levels that they are using education as a business. Recently three institutions claimed that the NEET topper studied in three institutes and became a no 1 Rank holder of NEET. Making false claims to promote the academy and lure students that the academy is the best should not be encouraged at all. There might be a possibility that a particular might have studied in an institution for a couple of months and left the institutions and joined another institution. If this is the case only then the institutions can claim that the student has also been trianed by us.But the biggest question is whether that particular student was willing to get her her photograph and name to be used by the institutions and used in advertisements," said Prof C Srinivasalu, associated professor of Zoology and Public Relation officer, Osmania University.

Dr Syed Shafiuddin Aijaz professor of Management studies, ShadanInsitute of Management, Khairtabad said,"Nowadays the corporate people who have entered the education world have made institutions source of money-making.Another pissue is that even if a candidate is not studying in their institution they enroll their name by talking to their parents and pay them some amount and post their names on the batch.It is mandatory for institutions to maintain that sanctity, ethic and value. The biggest loop hole in private institutions is that they do not have any kind of proper control mechanism.These false iniatiatives of institutions for gaining fame is an eye opener to every one of us specially after the pandemic as parents spend huge amount of money for their childs education. The government is clueless about the false clainms and games that the private institutuins play."

Prof Visheshwar Rao, director of St Joseph's Degree and PG College, said,"academically it is not possible for a candidate to studying in three different institutions.As per the University Grant Commission (UGC), if a candidate is doing a full-time course, he or she should persuade it from one particular institution only. The government should regulate a probation on institutions who lure students in order to gain fame and profits."

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