Police Intensifies Probe Into Telangana Advocate Vaman Rao's Murder Case

Advocate Vaman Rao

Advocate Vaman Rao and his wife


Police have expedited the investigation into the murder case of the Gattu Vaman Rao couple.

Police have expedited the investigation into the murder case of the Gattu Vaman Rao couple. Police have taken the murder case seriously and are looking into the role of someone else. Bittu Sreenu was arrested and several key facts were obtained during the investigation. Forensics and Clues teams, on the other hand, are working to gather evidence.

Police have arrested Bittu Sreenu for handing over a car and knives to the accused in a double murder case in Manthani. Investigating Bittu Sreenu was a major breakthrough as he revealed key things. Vaman Rao had earlier accused Bittu Sreenu, who has been the chairman of the Putta Lingamma Charitable Trust in Manthani since 2016. He also said that cases have been filed against the trust. It was during this controversy that it was revealed in the inquiry that the Srinu faction had increased by leaving Vaman Rao behind.

It was revealed at the trial that Vamana Rao also had differences with Kunta Sreenu. After leaving the gram panchayat, Srinu complained about the tractor and Vamanrao pressured the authorities to remove it. Kunta Srinivas was also charged in the case of a phone call. IG Nagireddy said in the testimony of Bittu Sreenu that the construction of Paddamma Talli Gudi in Gunjapadugu village was obstructed and Kunta Srinu was stopped from illegally constructing a house.

Bittu Sreenu and Kunta Seenu, who are friends who share their personal matters with each other, conspired to assassinate Vamana Rao. Although the murder was planned four months ago, it failed. On the 17th of this month, the Vaman Rao couple came to Manthani Court and it was informed to Kunta Seenu. He immediately left and called Sri Chiranjeevi and told him to bring the swords. Police said that Chiranjeevi was sent to bring a car. Police on the other hand are thoroughly investigating all aspects of the case. Forensics teams from Hyderabad also entered the field. Police are working to gather evidence that the case is pending in court. On the day of the murder, the movements of Kunta Srinu and Chiranjeevi are apparently collected through CCTV footage. Police also focused on the call data of the accused. The accused spoke to someone on the day of the murder. The collected video and audio footage were sent to the Forensics Lab. Police are taking precautionary measures to avoid technical glitches anywhere. Police are also investigating to find out the real story behind the knives used in the murder. Police hope to seize the knives after the accused allegedly dropped them in the Sundilla barrage.

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