Nine years of welfare in Telangana.. Golden age

Nine years of welfare in Telangana.. Golden age

SC, ST, BC and minorities are majority population in Telangana state.

Hyderabad: SC, ST, BC and minorities are majority population in Telangana state. Poverty is naturally high in these educationally and socially backward communities. In the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh, the poor used to experience the miserable conditions of not being able to eat at least two meals of rice a day. After the formation of Telangana state, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao decided that there should be no hunger death and minimum life security should be provided. With the vision of CM KCR, Telangana state government is implementing many public welfare schemes by allocating Rs. 50, 000 crores every year which is not implemented in any other state in the country. With these welfare schemes, minimum living security has been created for the poor. The Telangana State Government has unveiled a golden era in the welfare sector in a span of more than eight years by implementing numerous welfare programs than anyone other state in the country in a very short period of time.

Reassurance for all people with ten types of Aasara Pensions.

Poorer sections have experienced insecurity in the United AP rule. The insecurity of not having someone to support them always crippled and debilitated poorer lives. The KCR government has decided to support not only for the youth, but also for the elderly, the unfortunate who suffer from physical disabilities and many groups who depended on them. The Telangana state government considers it a social responsibility to provide support to the elderly, widows, disabled, victims of Filariais (Bodakalu), Single women, Toddy Tappers, Weavers, Beedi workers, HIV patients, Dialysis patients and Elderly artists in poor families. Supportive pensions are provided to all eligible persons. In the united state, the Telugu Desam government provided a pension of Rs.75 per month and the Congress government provided a pension of Rs. 200 per month. That too, they extended pension only to certain groups. In the period between 2004-14 (in ten years), the previous governments allocated only Rs. 5,558 crores for pensions in the common state. The Telangana government has spent Rs. 58,696 Crore on these schemes.

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