Centre's policy will trigger steep power tariff hike: KTR

Minister K T Rama Rao addressing a press conference at Sircilla on Thursday.

Minister K T Rama Rao addressing a press conference at Sircilla on Thursday.


Electricity charges will rise at an exorbitant rate everyday like the prices of petrol and diesel, warns the Minister

Sircilla: IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao warned that power tariff would be hiked at exorbitant rate everyday like the prices of petrol and diesel because the Modi government's new power policy.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has repeatedly said that the Centre was trying to corporatise agriculture and electricity, and it was becoming true. The Centre was moving forward with the aim of making the power sector a fully private industry, he said.

Speaking to the media here on Thursday, Rama Rao said the Centre wants to give up its responsibility of buying grain under the Food Security Act. The Centre which was selling all public sector companies to private companies was finally planning to hand over grain collection to the corporate firms.

After bringing black laws and killing 700 farmers without understanding the conditions of the country, PM Narendra Modi, who apologised to the people of the country, has not changed his mind.

Attempts were being made to bankrupt the agriculture and power sectors with the ill-conceived decisions. India has more poor people than Nigeria under Modi's regime. India ranks worse than Bangladesh and Pakistan in the Hunger Index, Rama Rao said.

Modi was trying to privatise power distribution without any discussion in the Parliament and people's consent.

That is why the Centre is buying Australian coal at Rs 35,000 instead of SCCL coal sold at Rs 3,000 per tonne. This was for the business of Modi's corporate friends and to make them the number one n the world, the Minister alleged. If the Power Bill becomes a law, besides free electricity for farmers, the subsidised electricity given to Dalits, tribals, Rajakas, Nai Brahmins and some industries would be affected. If the Centre's electricity reforms were implemented, the Telangana State would be the biggest loser, he said.

The farmers and weavers of the State would suffer huge losses and would go into crisis. With the installation of prepaid meters, people could get electricity only if they pay in advance, Rama Rao said.

Even as the Centre offered to give loans up to Rs 25, 000 if the State put meters on farmers' motors Chief Minister stood on the side of farmers and people should understand the mind of the Centre's crony policies, he said.

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