BJP is only alternative for Telangana ideologists, democratic forces to unite

Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Telangana State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar 


Etela Rajender to join BJP on June 14 and more leaders waiting to join the party

Hyderabad: Telangana State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar charged that Telangana is governed under a dictatorial regime that is resorting to repression of everyone who questions its actions.

Speaking at the party general secretaries meeting held at the BJP State headquarters here on Thursday, he said, "In the current scenario prevailing in the State BJP is the lone platform for democratic forces and people espousing the cause of Telangana ideology to unite."

The Karimnagar MP alleged that the ruling regime has been running with the sole objective of targeting to suppress those who participated in the separate Telangana movement. "Even Etela Rajender who earlier worked in the TRS cabinet has to worry about his own safety. Those toe the line of the ruling party are rated as good people and those questioning them are branded as corrupt people," he added.Referring to the arrest of a senior scribe Raghu, the BJP leaders said that police have kidnapped him in broad daylight. Should those unearthing the land grabbing instances by the ruling TRS leaders face kidnaps, he questioned. There is no safety for a person who worked as a Minister, journalist, and even ordinary citizens in the State, he ruled.

Against this backdrop, BJP is the only platform left for those exposing the cause of Telangana and democratic forces in Telangana, he said. The meeting thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for announcing free vaccination of all those 18 years of age and above. Highlighting that the State lacks a cold chain system to store the about 20 lakh vaccines coming from the Centre every month, Kumar asked the State government to step up its efforts recruiting additional staff to ensure that efficiently manage the Centre's free vaccination drive.

Also, take steps for in-time vaccination of people. Leaders participating in the meeting BJP national vice-president DK Aruna, BJP national OBC Morcha, president Dr K Laxman, party national leader P Muralidhar Rao, State secretaries Bangaru Sruthi, Premender reddy have highlighted the problems faced by farmers. Responding to the same, the BJP State chief questioned whether the State government is not prepared to procure paddy even after the start of Mrugasira.

Farmers have to incur heavy losses due to the delay in paddy procurement. "The paddy stocks in the fields have been drenched with the onset of the rainy season and on the other hand farmers have to stand in queues to procure seeds for sowing in the ensuing agriculture season, he said.

The situation exposes the inefficiency and mismanagement of the State government in the procurement of paddy, he pointed out.

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