Alampur MLA fails to meet people’s needs

Alampur MLA fails to meet people’s needs

For any urgent work, the people of the Alampur constituency must travel to Kurnool, where the MLA resides, which adds to their hardships

Gadwal : The MLA does not stay in his quarters in Alampur constituency. It is occasionally used by the MLA for public functions. This has been the practice for seven months, creating dissatisfaction among the locals. This neglect means that people must travel to Kurnool where the MLA resides. It is causing much inconvenience.

Since Vijayudu became the Alampur MLA, the MLA quarters is not being used to solve public problems, except during specific events such as national festivals and the BRS Foundation Day. People have many grievances to meet the MLA, such as seeking assistance from the CM Relief Fund for their health contingences. There is also local debate about the MLC quarters not being used, attributed to the decision of MLC Challa Venkatram Reddy, who played a role in the MLA’s victory. The local community urges that pending works should be addressed promptly.

Overall, the availability of an MLA is essential for responsive, transparent, and effective governance, ensuring that the needs and concerns of the constituents are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. But, this is not happening in Alampur.

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