YouTube suffers Outage; Users unable to access videos

YouTube suffers Outage; Users unable to access videos

YouTube Outage: The video-sharing platform has been hit by an outage as users report facing challenges playing videos and loading different pages.

YouTube Outage: Looks like the online video sharing and social media platform YouTube is facing an outage, according to reports. Hundreds of users reported facing challenges in executing basic website functionalities, including playing a video and loading pages after searching for a particular keyword. At this time, it's unclear how widespread the issue is, but most reports are from the US. The issue was recorded by DownDetector, an independent outage monitor, which noted large spikes on YouTube from today by the morning. As per the reports, it does not appear that the issue has been resolved as of yet.

DownDetector's official Twitter account also tweeted about the incident, saying, "User reports indicate that YouTube is having issues as of 12:25 a.m. EDT." The first peak was observed at 8:07 a.m. IST and fell within an hour. Soon, at 9:22 a.m. IST, a larger spike was seen, with up to 432 reports highlighting YouTube not working as expected.

Youtube outages reported in the last 24 hours

YouTube Down: Users Face Challenges Accessing Videos

This appears to be a partial outage, meaning that while the website is not completely down, certain features are not working for everyone. It also seems to be sporadic, as not everyone is facing the problem, even in the region where the reports have been coming in. DownDetector has highlighted that most of the reports come from US regions such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Washington , Phoenix and San Francisco. It remains to be observed if other countries also face the problem.

Users are compalining on Twitter about YouTube not working.

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