WWDC 2024: Major Updates in iOS 18 and watchOS 11 for iPhones and Apple Watches

WWDC 2024: Major Updates in iOS 18 and watchOS 11 for iPhones and Apple Watches

WWDC 2024 unveils iOS 18 and watchOS 11, featuring enhanced customizations, an improved control centre, and new fitness tracking features.

At WWDC 2024, Apple introduced iOS 18, bringing a wealth of new features and customizations to the iPhone. The developer beta is available starting today, with the public beta set for July and a full release expected this Fall alongside the launch of the iPhone 16 series.

iOS 18 introduces several exciting enhancements. One notable feature is the ability to activate the dark mode with a single tap and customize icons within the mode. The control centre has also been revamped to resemble a series of vertical pages, allowing users to access setting shortcuts by swiping downwards.

Lock screen customization has seen significant improvements. In addition to torch and camera shortcuts, users can now add more shortcuts to directly open apps, whether the iPhone is locked or in use. iOS 18 also includes a feature allowing users to apply a FaceID lock to individual apps and the option to "hide" certain apps for added privacy.

The Photos app in iOS 18 is more unified and includes new filters for searching and categorizing images. Users can search photos by time, people, or specific days and view images categorized under "today" or "yesterday." Holiday organization of photos is another handy feature. Swiping right from the photo grid now reveals a carousel of "best-clicked images" from your library.

Updates to Siri in iOS 18

Additional updates include support for RCS images, new emoji reactions in iMessage, and enhanced text effects in iMessage. Siri has received a significant upgrade as well, with a new gesture recognition feature. For example, if you receive a call while in hands-free mode, you can simply nod sideways to decline the call without saying a word.

WatchOS 11

Apple has also announced watchOS 11, which brings several new features to the Apple Watch. One of the standout additions is a new Training Mode that measures the intensity and long-term effects of workouts. This mode considers the duration of the workout to calculate its impact on the body. The updated Workout app, compatible with both iOS 18 and watchOS 11, allows users to set goals for different days of the week and pause their activity rings while on holiday, so they don't lose their streaks. Fitness enthusiasts using the Apple Watch are sure to appreciate these enhancements.

With watchOS 11, the Apple Watch also gains the ability to provide weather alerts and live updates on topics of interest. This transformation turns the Apple Watch into an instant information hub, delivering real-time data on matters that matter to the user.

In summary, WWDC 2024 has introduced significant updates to iOS 18 and watchOS 11, bringing enhanced customization, improved user interfaces, and advanced fitness tracking capabilities to iPhones and Apple Watches. These updates are set to provide a more personalized and efficient experience for Apple users.

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