New iPad Pro and Air Models Introduce Battery Health Features

New iPad Pro and Air Models Introduce Battery Health Features

The latest iPad Pro and iPad Air models unveil a Battery Health menu, offering cycle counts and an 80 per cent charge limit to optimize battery performance.

Exclusive to the newly released iPad Pro and iPad Air, the Battery Health menu mirrors features found in the iPhone 15, allowing users to set their device to stop charging beyond 80 per cent. This setting aims to prolong battery lifespan.

The new menu, accessible through Settings > Battery > Battery Health, provides valuable battery insights, including charge cycle count, manufacturing date, and initial charge date. Introduced in iPadOS 17.5, this feature is unavailable on older iPad models.

While MacBook users have long benefited from a similar battery health manager, now known as Optimized Battery Charging, iPad users can also mitigate overcharging concerns. With more users tethered to desks during the remote work era, limiting charges to 80 per cent helps preserve battery longevity.

As iPads increasingly resemble MacBooks in functionality and design, the addition of battery health features aligns with user expectations and device usage patterns.

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