Microsoft Unveils "Recall" AI Search Feature for Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft Unveils Recall AI Search Feature for Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft introduced "Recall," an AI-powered search feature that can remember and retrieve anything viewed on a Windows PC.

At the recent Surface AI event, Microsoft unveiled several new advancements in artificial intelligence technology, including the latest generation of Surface laptops and Copilot Plus PCs, equipped with built-in AI hardware. Among the new AI features introduced, the "Recall" feature has garnered significant attention for its ability to remember and search for any activity performed on a Windows PC.

All about Recall Feature

"Recall" is a groundbreaking AI-powered search feature designed for Copilot Plus PCs. It tracks and remembers user activities, enabling users to search and retrieve any images, texts, or documents they have accessed on their PCs. Essentially, it acts like a photographic memory for your computer, keeping tabs on websites visited, communications, documents, apps, and more. With the Recall feature, users can simply command the AI to "recall" past activities, and it will provide screenshots of relevant pages to give context to the memory. Microsoft describes it as a way to access virtually everything you've seen or done on your PC with ease.

How Does the Recall Feature Work?

During the event, Microsoft Product Manager Caroline Hernandez demonstrated the Recall feature. In the demo, she searched for a blue dress previously viewed on Pinterest using her Windows laptop. The Recall feature displayed a timeline, eliminating the need to sift through search history to find the exact link. With the appropriate prompt or command, users can locate anything they've done on their PC, including live meetings, videos, or Teams chats. Recall leverages 40 AI language models to process data and provide an intelligent search experience.

Recall Feature Requirements and Privacy

To use Recall, you'll need to purchase a Copilot Plus PC that supports Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X Elite chips with a neural processing unit (NPU). Additionally, the feature requires a minimum of 256GB of hard drive storage and 50GB of free space. Users can also manage storage by deleting old data. Importantly, all saved data is processed on-device to maintain user privacy, ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised.

Microsoft's new "Recall" feature marks a significant step forward in AI-powered search capabilities. It offers users a powerful tool to manage and retrieve their digital activities effortlessly. As AI continues to evolve, features like Recall will likely become integral to enhancing user experience and productivity on PCs.

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