ChatGPT iPhone app comes to these 12 countries

For representational purpose

For representational purpose


The ChatGPT app for iPhone is now available in more countries, including France and the UK. Its developer, OpenAI, has yet to release an Android version of the AI chatbot.

OpenAI's ChatGPT iPhone app is rolling out to more countries. The company's CTO, Mira Murati, shared in a tweet that the app was available in Albania, Brazil, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Nicaragua. Murati adds that the app will be rolling out to more countries soon. The next phase could also include India, where the AI (artificial intelligence) powered chatbot is gradually becoming popular. ChatGPT has yet to be available as an app for Android phones.

ChatGPT was released to the public as a web version late last year and has become one of the most successful technology launches. The chatbot is now the fastest-growing platform in the world, registering 100 million users in the first two months after its public launch, which apps like Instagram and TikTok were unable to achieve. The platform is available on smartphones but via the web version, which is not always easy. OpenAI, also the creator of the popular Dall-E text-to-image bot, launched the iOS app in the US last week.

The app version offers the same performance as the ChatGPT website; that is, it provides answers to complex queries in a conversational manner. ChatGPT can edit long articles, review application code, and solve math problems. Users with a ChatGPT Plus membership ($20 or Rs 1655 per month) can enjoy additional features, including plugin support, instant replies, and no waiting time. The iOS app also promises these features to existing Plus members.

The ChatGPT apps launched in these new countries could be very useful for users to access information on the go, as the chatbot understands languages including Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The chatbot can also speak in Hindi, although the proficiency may not be as high as in English.

Meanwhile, users in countries where the ChatGPT app is unavailable can download Microsoft's Bing app to use the ChatGPT-like Bing Chat conversation tool to get instant responses. Bing Chat is free to use for everyone, and users can access the bot with their Microsoft email or registered phone number. Notably, Microsoft's artificial intelligence tool also leverages the power of ChatGPT's GPT language module due to the company's strategic partnership with OpenAI. Bing Chat may be more useful if you use many Microsoft Office apps, as the company is gradually adding AI capabilities to Word, Excel, and more.

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