Apple iOS 17.2 update: 9 Latest features coming to iPhone soon

Apple iOS 17.2 update: 9 Latest features coming to iPhone soon

iOS 17.2 update: Check out these 9 latest features that will be introduced on your iPhone soon.

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 17.1 update, which focused on enhancing the iPhone's performance and eliminating a few bugs. Apple has already started beta testing the iOS 17.2 update, which is expected to come with a few tweaks and several new features that iPhone users will benefit immensely from. The first beta version was rolled out in October for developers, and since then, two more testing updates have been launched. Check out the nine new features expected to be included in the iOS 17.2 update. Check out the coming iOS 17.2 features, as reported by Macrumors.

9 Latest features of the iOS 17.2 update

Collaborative playlists: In the iPhone's Music app, users can create collaborative playlists with their friends and family and add their songs.

Journal app: iOS 17.2 will finally bring the daily journal app, where users can make entries in the form of text, images, videos, and more. The app also enables users to set reminders and suggests what to write. Local Awareness feature: This is a new emergency alert feature that will improve timeliness, accuracy, and alerts, ensuring the user does not miss any important ones. New TV app: The iOS 17.2 update might introduce a revamped TV app for iPhone users. The new app is expected to be easier to navigate and discover shows and movies. New Memoji customizations: Memoji may receive new customization options to allow users to create avatars based on their personality and style. Users can edit the waist, bust, shoulders, and arms.

Share contact posters on FaceTime: Previously, sharing contact posters was only possible through the Messages app. The iOS 17.2 update will also allow users to share them on FaceTime. Stickers as message reactions: iPhone users can react to messages with stickers in the iMessage app instead of emojis. The process of responding with stickers is similar to reacting with emojis. Turn off listening history: This new feature lets users turn on selective listening history without impacting future music recommendations.

Warnings for blocked FaceTime contacts: Users will be notified when a blocked connection tries to reach them on FaceTime, enabling users to improve their safety and control their actions.

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