YouTube Music Presents 5 New Mood Filters; All Details

YouTube Music Presents 5 New Mood Filters; All Details

YouTube Music received 5 new mood filters, allowing users to modify their listening experience based on their preferences.

YouTube Music has been trying to establish its base and strengthen its position among avid music listeners since its launch in 2015. The YouTube Music app is similar to Spotify but faces stiff competition from companies like Amazon Music and Apple. Music. The app has gained a healthy user base due to its intuitive, easy-to-use features and wide range of genres and music options. To attract more users, YouTube Music has launched five new mood filters that open playlists based on selected moods. Find all the details about them.

YouTube Music: All about the new mood filters

Five new mood-based filters may offer an option to modify your listening experience based on your mood preferences. The "Cry" filter is supposed to have sad songs, and the "Romance" filter can have playlists full of romantic songs. The newly added mood filters are only seen in specific web and Android apps and are expected to appear for more users soon. These additions will give users more freedom to listen to music according to their mood. This will also allow them to play music based on their environment. For example, the "party" filter can be used to play fun songs during a party.

Please note that the new filters on YouTube Music are rolling out gradually, so not all users may get them simultaneously.

What is a mood filter?

In 2020, YouTube Music introduced a new "Activity Bar" feature that allows users to customize their home page and "My Mixes." The activity bar included some mood filters that take users to a new home page with songs and playlists based on their selected mood. Initially, it only had four mood filters, but several more have been added in recent months.

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