The Vemulawada Temple Officials Stop Receiving Gifts From The Devotees

Vemulawada Sri Raja Rajeshwara temple

Vemulawada Sri Raja Rajeshwara Temple 


Today being an auspicious day, the devotees rush to VemulawadaRajanna Temple.

Today being an auspicious day, the devotees rush to Vemulawada Rajanna Temple. With this, all the hundis set up in the temple premises for offering gifts were filled by Monday afternoon. As a result, the temple authorities did not accept gifts from the devotees. Since arrangements were not even made to take the gifts, the devotees offered their gifts wherever they stood in the temple.

It is alleged that the temple staff pocketed the gifts presented by the devotees. Temple EO Krishna Prasad responded to the incident. EO said that due to non-acceptance of retail coins in the bank, the hundi counting was delayed and hence the hundis were overflowing. The matter will be brought to the notice of the revenue department. He said new ones would be set up to replace the filled hundis.

It is noteworthy that the devotees who went to offer prayer to God were saying that the management of the temple was not proper. Some devotees questioned why it was too late to seal the filled ones and put in new hundis. As the vehicles of the devotees in the vicinity of the temple were being stolen, a temple employee parked his car next to the laddu counter and locked it without being able to take the iron jolts.

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