Shade, Shady, Shadow

Shade, Shady, Shadow

You shade yours eyes from the bright sunlight with help of shades, and may also look for a shadow to hide from the sun.  Shade, Shady, Shadow

You shade yours eyes from the bright sunlight with help of shades, and may also look for a shadow to hide from the sun.

Shade functions as a noun and verb.

Shade as a verb refers to casting a shadow over, fill in, the effect of shade, protecting oneself or something from the heat or light or view; vary slightly, and passing from one quality to another by a slight degree or in intensity.

As stories are narrated from one source to another, the stories are shaded (vary slightly) in the meanings.

The derivatives of the verb, shade are: shades, shaded, shading, shade off (cast a shadow over, shadow; and others are shadeless (adjective: without shades, exposed), shadelessly (adverb).

Shades also function as a plural noun referring to spectacles or goggles that protect from the glare of the sun, and something that evokes or reminds of something or someone.

Shade as a noun refers to a colour that varies or differs slightly from another colour, the relative darkness caused by light rays as intercepted by an opaque body; a little or subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude.

Shade means relative inferiority (he grew up in the shade of his brother’s accomplishments), a degree of difference (the movie made is a shade better than the novel).

Shade is the covering of a lamp (lampshade): there are lamps without shades and with shades.

People sit in the shade such as under trees or under the eaves of buildings to protect themselves from the sun – if hatless or without a brolly in hand.

Shady is an adjective meaning someone with a questionable honesty; quiet or dark or concealed
You will meet people of shady character as well.

You may be warned by police or parents not to roam in the shady areas of a town or city.

Shadow is the dark area created by something else on a sunny day such as the shade; and there are many meaning of shadow.

Shadow is a noun referring to the unlit or unilluminated area, a place to hide or live in times of danger (they were protected under the shadow of police during the communal riots); something that exists in perception only, an apparition or phantom; a premonition of something adverse or bad (they married with a shadow of suspicion), something that dominates or pervasive (he was brought in the shadow of unlimited wealth), and an inseparable companion (the UK is the shadow of the USA).

Shadow also functions as a verb meaning to follow someone, trail, track.

How many shades of grey are there?

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