Brain, Mind, Brawny & Brainy

Brain, Mind, Brawny & Brainy

One may hear someone uttering at someone: mindless fellow, brainless person, he should be mindful of others or to practice mindfulness! 

One may hear someone uttering at someone: mindless fellow, brainless person, he should be mindful of others or to practice mindfulness!

Human beings’ gift is having a brain that functions unlike the brains in other organisms or living things.

Brain is an organ but mind is an abstract thing like intellect and reasoning.

Doctors can see your brain but not the mind nor can anyone!

Brain is part of human body located in the skull of the head. Brain is the key organ of the body because it is part of the central nervous system.

Brains is a plural form but an informal word referring to someone’s intelligence, aptitude, mental capability, and also refers to a collection of brains: be not surprised of people shopping for animal brains for brain-curry!

Brainy, brainlike, brainsick (insane) and brainless are adjectives.

Brainy means a person possessed or having unusual intelligence.

Brainy people have impressive intelligence, brilliant mental ability, they are ‘smart as a whip’.

Some are brainy, and some are brainless: how some are brainy and some are brainless depends on one several factors including genetics, social environment, and to nurture and nature debate.

Derivatives of brain are brainlessly (adverb), brainlessness and brainstorming (nouns).

Brainstorming is a technique of solving a people as more two people put their brains: share their ideas and find solutions to a problem.

Mind is an abstract noun, and has several meanings: ability to be aware of things and remember, reasoning quality, an opinion formed by judging;

Have you watched ‘A Beautiful Mind’?

Minded, mindless, mindful, mind-blogging, mind-bending are adjectives and mind one’s business is an idiom.

There are more people minding other people’s business rather than one’s own business.

How to be mindful?“The first goal of mindfulness is to learn how to focus on the present moment rather than letting stray to the past or the future.

When you notice your mind wandering off, you bring your attention back to the present moment–the only one that truly matters.

With some practice, mindfulness can help you to be more aware of your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations in the present.” –The Worrier’s Guide to Overcoming Procrastination by Pamela S. Wiegartz, Ph.D. and Kevin Kevin L. Gyoerkoe, Psy.D.

One can develop mindfulness by being sensitive and by examining information from new perspectives because there is noa single perspective to a situation.

Brawn, noun, means muscular strength, and brawny is an adjective. Some are brawny: having physical strength and weight.

If not brainy, one can also survive being brawny: brawny people are hired as bouncers and security guards.

Few are gifted: brainy and brawny!

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