Alchemy, Chemistry

Alchemy, Chemistry

Alchemy is the progenitor of chemistry; and alchemists were the predecessors of chemists: most of the ancient chemists, physicians and philosophers were also alchemists. 

Alchemy is the progenitor of chemistry; and alchemists were the predecessors of chemists: most of the ancient chemists, physicians and philosophers were also alchemists.

Alchemy comes from the Greek word khemia meaning the art of transmuting metals: transforming base metals into gold the purest form of matter!

“The word “alchemy” brings to mind a cauldron-full of images: witches hovering over a boiling brew, or perhaps sorcerers in smoky labs or cluttered libraries. Despite these connotations of the mythic and mystical, alchemical practice played an important role in the evolution of modern science.

Historically, alchemy refers to both the investigation of nature and an early philosophical and spiritual discipline that combined chemistry with metal work. Alchemy also encompassed physics, medicine, astrology, mysticism, spiritualism, and art.” –

Alchemy is about transmuting baser metals into gold, finding universal solvent and the elixir of life.
The derivatives of alchemy are alchemies (plural noun), alchemical, alchemicalistic, alchemistical (adjectives) and alchemistically (adverb).

Chemistry (organic and inorganic) is the scientific study of the structures of substances, how these substances or elements react when combined or when they come in contact with another and how they behave under different conditions.

Chemistry also refers to a mysterious change or process that occurs between people. Strange chemistry brings two human beings into a relationship transcending the man-made barriers: love!
Chemical engineering is branch of engineering dealing with transforming substances on a large scale for the improvement of human beings’ lives and their condition for better.

Chemical engineering applies physical sciences (physics and chemistry), life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry), applied mathematics and economics in order to use the chemicals, materials and energy.

Periodic Table showcases the chemical elements with other elements in order of atomic numbers.
Chemist is the person who prepares and sells medicines, and nowadays cosmetics, toiletries such as the pharmacists.

Chemist is the one having expertise in chemistry.

Chemise is a loose-undergarment garment that hands from shoulders down to the thighs or knees.
Chemise is a nightdress.

Chemise is a priest’s surplice or smock.

Chemises were worn to protect the clothing from body’s sweat and odours.

The fascination with alchemy is undiminished in the world in spite of the popularity and utility of chemistry that is marked with scientific study. Because of its quest to find the relationship between human beings and cosmos, human spirit and immortality – to purify the human soul!

Alchemists worked with altruistic aims, and some to get rich quick but their work became useful for the modern chemistry and medicine, and an endless fascination for philosophers and spiritualistsfor it deals with immortality and elixir of life.

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