Means of relief from moments of stress

Means of relief from moments of stress

It is momentary by nature but a sudden burst of stress can wreak havoc at a most critical juncture. Suddenly, something goes amiss and even the most organized mindset can turn topsy-turvy. We all know that such disturbances are momentary but they can be damningly nerve-racking. 

It is momentary by nature but a sudden burst of stress can wreak havoc at a most critical juncture. Suddenly, something goes amiss and even the most organized mindset can turn topsy-turvy. We all know that such disturbances are momentary but they can be damningly nerve-racking.

Here are some simple, but effective, ways to handle such perplexing situations. First and foremost, identify your stress signals. For instance, I become infuriated when someone annoys me, especially when I am hungry. My family members are cautious and wait till I eat before telling something unpleasant.

Have an internal dialogue when you are very angry. It’s difficult to practice but worth the effort. Talk to yourself. Foresee how your bouts of anger could disturb your relationships and alter people’s perceptions about you.

Some physical movements can also help. Move out of the place for a while. Pause for a while and take a deep breath. Try to shift away from the moment of anger or frustration. Remember something pleasant and speak to someone who can bring solace.

Everyone will have something or someone who can help you overcome stressful moments. A film song, a favourite television show or a conversation with someone whom you like the most can help bring respite. When I am stressed out in my work, I just pick up my phone and call my home to get instant relief.

As a student I used to find reading physics extremely stressful. I realised that shifting to chemistry during those agonising moments was an antidote to stress. When terribly exhausted with science subjects, I used to teach civics to my friends. Although, it was not my subject, I liked it most. That was my stress-buster, so to say.

In the era of electronic gadgets and social media, many combat stress while playing a game on their smart phone or chatting on their favorite social media platform. There is no universally useful instrument to overcome stress. It varies from person to person and at times situation to situation. The principle is simple. Breakaway from stress by doing something that frees you from the turbulence.

Mind you, stress is contagious! You get terribly upset with certain things or agitated with someone. Avoid such people and things, particularly when you are already in a fit of rage. Considering that some people are irritating and some pleasant, it is for you to be around with those who can put you in a comfort zone.

When you join a new workplace you might realise that interacting with new colleagues could be uncomfortable, comparatively. A solution is to catch up with old colleagues and friends once you are through with the day’s work. It will bring relief from the new workplace stress. Try this till you get acclimatised to the new environs.

In fact, physical and psychological systems in our body also interact to create emotions within us. If you eat something you like, obviously you feel relieved of stress. This is precisely why many head to a restaurant for a weekend bite that can bring relief from the weekdays work load.

However, not all stress busters are costly. At home too, after a stressful day, plan an interesting diet. Even today, I call my wife to know about the menu for dinner and request her to prepare something I like on days when I feel exhausted with the work overload.

Physical exercises are proven physical and psychological solutions. For instance, yoga, or Surya Namaskara, helps in controlling blood pressure, blood sugar besides soothing emotional levels. Studies reveal that while regular exercises can impact the thought-process, yoga and the likes enhance performance levels at work.

As they improve our memory, the ability to concentrate and creative outpouring lower stress.
Develop an attitude to forget and forgive. It’s a key to enjoying peace of mind. Stress induces stress. Obsession with a mistake in you or in others can only inflict suffering on you and those around you. The best way is to leave it at some place and move on. That one mistake is not the end of the world.

Instead of harping over it, it is better to focus on means to avoid those mistakes. If you are a leader or a manager, find someone who can do it better.

You can invent and innovate your own ways of overcoming moments of stress. I find long journey quite boring and stressful. To overcome the problem, I found a way unique to myself. A day before I have to undertake a long journey, I make it a point to over-stress so that I can have a nice sleep during my travel. By over-working, I overcome the boredom of tedious travels!

Some find relief from marital bliss. Having a life-partner who supports you can be an effective coping mechanism. Some even have spiritual outlook to come out of stress in real life.

Ego, comparison with others, hyper-competiveness, undesirable levels of pessimism, unwanted expectations of yourself, conflicting relationships, uncongenial workplace, incompatible work preferences and lifestyles can be quite taxing on you.

Try as much as possible to avoid such personality traits to lead a life free from stress and stress induced physical and psychological disorders. Cultivating such a stress-free lifestyle is bound to keep you happy, blissful and contended.

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