International Transgender Day of Visibility: 12th Anniversary
International Transgender Day of Visibility: 12th Anniversary
Each year, on 31st March International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) is observed globally. This year, it would mark the 12th anniversary of the above day.
Who founded this day?
The above day was founded by Rachel Crandall of Michigan, a US based transgender activist in the year 2009.
Why was this day formed?
Rachel Crandall reaction felt that, there is lack of LGBT recognition of Transgender people and there is only one well known Transgender centered day that is Transgender Day of remembrance. On this day transgender people who were murdered are mourned, but there is no specific day to acknowledge as well as celebrate the living members belonging to the Transgender Community. Hence this day was formed.
The above day is dedicated?
The above day is dedicated to celebrating Transgender people as well as raise awareness of varied discrimination faced by these people across the world. It also celebrates the resilience, success and contributions made by the gender nonconforming people as well as transgender.
Why many LGBT people scared to reveal their true identity?
Many LGBT people are scared to reveal their true identity because of two things, one stigmatization and the other is their parent’s reaction toward homosexuality. Most of them tend to get accepted by their families only if they agree to behave like heterosexuals.
What happens when there is a lack of family support?
The lack of family support may lead LGBT people to have immense pressure; this may lead to depression, psychosomatic diseases and thoughts of suicide. And this may also lead to deterioration of mental health.
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