How to protect your hair while sleeping?
Brush your Hair before Going to Bed
Make sure, you brush your hair from your scalp roots to the tips before you hit the bed. The above step would help detangle your hair while distributing your scalp’s natural oils evenly across your hair.
Never go to sleep with wet hair
Damp hair is extremely fragile, when you sleep without drying your hair after a shower; it can result in severe hair fall.
Apply Overnight Hair Serum
When you apply a Natural or Ayurvedic serum to your scalp overnight, it will help rejuvenate your hair follicles and it will help your boost your hair growth.
Moisturize your hair with warm oil treatment
Moisturize your Hair with Warm oil Treatment; this would help strengthen your roots and hair by offering immense nourishments.
Massage your scalp
When you massage your scalp before sleeping, it can effectively stimulate blood circulation to your follicles. This would promote healthy hair growth, beside inducing deep sleep.
Braid your hair before going to bed
If you have long hair, tie a loose braid at the nape of your neck, its one the best way to decrease the chance of hair damage during the night time.
Wear your hair in a bun
Tying a high bun is definitely one of the damage-free hairstyles, when you go to sleep. When you bun your hair in the crown region, it does not interfere with your sleep.