8 Precious Pieces of Jewellery worn by Indian Royals
Patialla Necklace of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh
This breathtaking necklace was made from a total of 2,930 diamonds with the world's 7th largest diamond, a 234-carat yellow 'De Beers,' as its centrepiece.
Diadem worn by Kashmiri Princess
A brilliant piece from the early Indian jewellery, this three-pieced diadem or half-crown used to be worn by Kashmiri princesses. This jewellery dates back to 9th century.
Star of the South diamond in the necklace of the queen of Baroda
The above necklace was in possession of Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda.
Baroda Pearl Necklace
This 7-stranded extraordinarily beautiful necklace, made from natural pearls, was commissioned by Maharajah Khande Rao Gaekwad of Baroda in 1860.
The regal emerald necklace of the Maharaja of Nawanagar
The emerald forming the pendant weighed 70 carats and it's said that it was once a part of the collection of a Sultan of Turkey.
Diamond-decked serpech of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala flaunted an astonishing serpech, an accessory for the turban. Decked with numerous dazzling gems, it was auctioned off for $1,70,000.
Gold Earrings Dating back to 1st century
This earrings belonged to Satvahanas Dynasty, this pair of Colossal Earring stretching out till the earlobes, was found in Andhra Pradesh.
8 Patiala ruby choker owned by Maharani of Patiala
Also created by Cartier in 1931, it was an astounding choker necklace made in platinum using rubies, pearls and diamonds.