Top 5 Most Expensive Web Series in India

OTT platforms are upping their game with high-quality web series that rival movies. Check out the top 5 priciest shows that will leave you entertained
Heeramandi takes the crown for the most expensive web series in India, reportedly costing over Rs. 200 crore
Before Heeramandi, Ajay Devgn's ‘Rudra’ held the title of India's costliest web series, boasting a budget of around Rs. 200 crore
Sacred Games
This Netflix original marked the beginning of high-budget web series in India, gulping down a cool Rs. 100 crore
Made in Heaven
This Amazon Prime’s first big-ticket offering, delves into the personal lives of two wedding planners amidst the grandeur of their profession
The Family Man
‘The Family Man’ has redefined the Indian action-comedy genre by showcasing the life of a secret agent juggling family life and national security