Dragon Fruit offers 7 Amazing Benefits to your Skin
Dragon fruit tops the list, when comes to most exotic fruit because of its mesmerizing bright color outside and inside its pulp, dotted with black seeds. This fruit offers amazing benefits to your skin.
Slows down the aging process
This fruit contains high amount of antioxidants, it fights free radicals as well as help’s slow down the aging process. Make a paste of dragon fruit pulp, add yogurt to it, apply this face pack once a week. You will find your skin look younger and smoother.
Soothes Sunburn Skin
Add cucumber juice and honey to dragon fruit pulp and make a paste, this combination works similar like aloe gel, it helps soothe the sunburn skin. It is also rich in vitamin B3, this fruit helps moisturize the sunburned skin and help release heat from those areas, which are affected due to sunburn.
Reduces Acne
Dragon fruit can be applied topically, this helps reduce acne. It contains vitamin C, good source of antioxidants, this helps prevent your skin from breaking out and it also helps keep your skin healthy and glowing. Scrape the pulp and mash it into a smooth paste, using cotton ball apply on the acne affected area. This home remedy helps reduce acne.
Get Glowing Skin
The Vitamin C present in the dragon fruit protects your skin against dullness and the result you will achieve is, fresh and rejuvenated glowing skin. You can apply the fruit topically or you can drink one full glass of dragon fruit juice, this would also help maintain skin health and your skin would look glowing.
Help protect against free radical damage
Free radical in the skin damages the cells and this causes oxidative stress. This would leave your skin looking dehydrated and dull. This may also cause the skin to age prematurely, but when you start applying this fruit topically on the skin, this prevents the free radicals to prevent the skin from becoming dull.
All Natural Moisturizer
Dragon fruit is a natural moisturizer, this fruit contains about 80% water and it is packed with varied skin essential antioxidants and vitamins. Apply this fruit directly on your skin and you will feel skin moisturized and soft
Reverse premature aging
In today’s world, many people have poor lifestyle, they do not sleep well neither have proper diet, all of these speed up the premature aging. You can follow easy home remedy, scoop out the pulp and make a paste and add yoghurt and apply this and let this remain on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash off. This helps reverse aging.