9 Free Websites Every Productivity Enthusiast Should Know

Ever felt overwhelmed by all the different websites and apps out there? You're not alone. But what if there was a list of free websites that could make your life easier? Look no further!
Say goodbye to tedious background removal! This website lets you easily remove the background from any image.
Tired of annoying pop-ups ruining your reading experience? Simply paste the link into 12ft.io and get a clean, ad-free version of the webpage.
Free yourself from the burden of manual transcription. Otter.ai uses AI to transcribe your meetings in real-time, even capturing slides and generating summaries. (Free tier allows up to 3 audio/video files per account)
Expand your knowledge with free online courses from top universities and companies like Stanford, Duke, Google, and IBM.
Write clear and concise content with the help of Hemingwayapp.com. This website highlights complex sentences and common errors, making your writing more polished.
Take back control of your overflowing inbox. Clean.email helps you organise your emails, unsubscribe from unwanted messages, and keep your mailbox clutter-free.
A book lover's dream! Open Library is a vast online catalogue with millions of free ebooks.
Need to convert a file to a different format? Convertio.co has you covered. This website supports over 25,000 conversions between hundreds of file formats.
Loom.com is a free screen recording tool that lets you record your screen and yourself at the same time. It also offers advanced video editing and storage capabilities.