10 Overpowered Motorcycles: What surprise us, is it still street legal?
This 8.2 litter supercharged V8 engine, it is absolutely insanely powered motorcycle and called the Rapom V8
This motorcycle carries a Viper V-10 engine that produces 500-horsepower. Its weight is about 680kg(1,500 pounds) is a true definition of extreme.
This one carries a Rolls Royce Allison Model 250-C18 gas turbine engine, which propells the bike to achieve high speed of 227 mph (365k mph).
This bike remains an eye-candy object to posses; It's not surprising that it’s a track-only machine for more experienced and daring riders.
This superbike is capable of producing massive 320 hp and this bike is able to push nearing to 260 mph.
This machine was built with ultimate passion. Only 15 were produced, by then, company has cease it operations.
This bike has go six-speed gearbox, which should be good enough for a bike, which can weigh up to 577.6 pounds(262.0kg).
The 1299 was a special project for Ducati unveiled at the 2016 EICMA( Milan Motorcycle Show). With mere 500 of them being built, the company has made claims, nearly all of them had been booked before the launch.
The GSX series still continues to be one of the Suzuki’s most enviable class of sporty bikes.
Aprilia has upgraded their RSV4 series in order to add up 16 ponies and make it produce 201 hp. There have been continuous upgrades, which has made the bike, enviable success for almost a decade.