Watch The Viral Video Of Massive Oarfish With Mysterious Openings Spotted Near Taiwan

Watch The Viral Video Of Massive Oarfish With Mysterious Openings Spotted Near Taiwan

  • A group of divers had an extraordinary experience when they came across a massive oarfish with unique openings in its body near Taiwan.
  • This rare fish, known for its association with earthquakes, was captured on video and quickly became viral on social media.

A group of divers had an unexpected encounter when they discovered a massive oarfish with unusual openings in its body. This uncommon fish, believed to be associated with earthquakes, was sighted near Taiwan, and a video capturing the encounter quickly went viral on social media.

The footage, initially shared on Instagram by a page called Wealth, gained significant attention. It depicts astonished divers surrounding the remarkable shiny silver fish near the coast of Ruifang in Taipei County.

In the viral video, one of the divers even extends their hand to touch this extraordinary creature. According to the divers, the fish measured approximately 6.5 feet in length, which, although sizable, is much smaller than their recorded maximum size of 36 feet. The oarfish is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest known bony fish in existence. Here is the viral video, have a look at it:

However, the divers expressed concerns about the well-being of the fish. Diving instructor Wang Cheng-Ru stated to Jam Press publication that the fish was likely dying, which prompted it to swim into shallower waters. Experts suggested that the mysterious holes observed on the fish's body were possibly caused by shark bites, potentially inflicted by a cookie-cutter shark.

Furthermore, the appearance of an oarfish has long been associated with the belief in earthquakes. These creatures are typically found at depths ranging from 656 to 3,200 feet beneath the ocean's surface. According to Japanese mythology, the emergence of an oarfish from the depths and its rise to the surface is considered a precursor to an impending earthquake.

This superstition gained attention after the devastating Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in 2011. In the years leading up to the catastrophe, numerous oarfish were discovered washed ashore, fueling speculation about an impending earthquake.

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