Top Viral Videos Of The Week (3 June - 9 June)

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Several viral videos used to emerge during the week that had entertained the netizens.

Several viral videos used to emerge during the week that had entertained the netizens. Here is one of the viral video that had amazed you to show two adorable young girls' piggy banks in a trending video. These two girls and their parents decided to search their piggy banks for any Rs 2,000 notes they could deposit in the bank after the Reserve Bank of India announced that Rs 2,000 notes will no longer be in use.

Everyone was shocked to discover that these two girls had accumulated a staggering amount of money in their piggy banks. After witnessing the two tiny girls' viral video, internet users are in amazement.

Another viral video on social media depicts a senior VP of HDFC Bank reprimanding his younger colleagues for not meeting their monthly goals.The tweet from CA Kanan Behl describes the video and reveals that it has received a lot of attention on social media thanks to its numerous retweets, quotes, likes, and bookmarks.This incident has ignited a contentious online debate over the pressure senior employees frequently put on less experienced coworkers to reach targets and accomplish performance goals. Many people have criticised the senior vice president of HDFC Bank for his behaviours, calling them disrespectful of his staff and acting in an unprofessional manner.

Another video showed a gym trainer from Gurgaon brutally abusing and taunting a man in a recent social media sensation. The sufferer is being made to bear a heavy load. A user going by the handle "Gaddar" tweeted the video along with the warning that something weird was about to occur. In the video, a man who looks to be the weightlifter's trainer holds up a stick and threatens to slap the weightlifter's back if he doesn't raise the weights. The trainer is urging the young man to hold his breath and hoist the weight while being held by another man.

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