Top Trending Videos Of The Week (30 July - 5 August)

Top Trending Videos Of The Week

Top Trending Videos Of The Week


Several trending videos emerged during the week and had entertained the netizens throughout.

Several trending videos emerged during the week and had entertained the netizens throughout. One of the trending video witnessesA popular video of a lady fending off a burglar at a Turkish bakery using a cleaning cloth has gone viral online. The video was published by Tansu Yegen, a Twitter user. At the beginning of the film, the woman is cleaning the store with a cloth in her hand when the burglar enters.He was wearing a black hoodie and held a knife in his hand. After breaking inside the store, the thief attempts to attack the cash register, but the woman is seen hitting him with just a cleaning cloth and cleaning spray.

There are a plenty of amusing animal behaviour videos online. Some pandas are seen tussling with their caretaker amusingly in one such hot video that is now going viral online. More than 220,000 people have liked and viewed the viral video since it was uploaded on Twitter on Friday. A panda is seen clinging to its handler as he wanders about at the start of the video. The adorable animal then tries to climb up the caregiver's back. In the following scene in the movie, four pandas begin to playfully struggle with the caretaker and follow him about.

Anyone who enjoys animals will find satisfaction in watching films of elephants thriving in their natural habitat. Like the countless other videos that are posted online, we have more material that could actually top that list. Supriya Sahu, an IAS official, tweeted the popular video of an elephant trying its hardest to pick up jackfruits that were dangling from a tree branch.

Another video that come up was but different from others as it was informative. The video witnessed a gigantic squid observed in its natural habitat. Marine biologists filmed its hunting activity in the wild in the first video of its kind, which was published in 2021, revealing for the first time how these creatures of the deep pursue and attack their prey. The crushing pressures and darkness of the oceanic depths have allowed us to slowly but surely learn more about them while being hostile to us air-breathing humans. The bulk of our underwater vehicles, however, work best when viewing stationary or slowly moving species.

Online users have been entertained by a popular video clip, and many people on social media have shared it widely as well. A user going by the nickname Figen released the 58-second video.

A bunch of African kids were seen dancing in the popular video to the song Jerusalema by South African musician Master KG. The video opens with a young African boy executing his signature movements while dressed in a bright blue shirt and beige jeans. His companion dance partner, who is undoubtedly a buddy, soon joins him. The two kids dance together to the beat of the music and having fun.

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