Rare Camera footage of Rare Albino Panda Captured in China

Rare Camera footage of Rare Albino Panda Captured in China

Rare Camera footage of Rare Albino Panda Captured in China


  • This is the 3rd documented sighting of the animal, earlier, the footage of cub was caught in camera in May, 2019 and similarly in 2020, using similar device.
  • There exist no known cases of pandas with Albinism, a rare genetic defect, which prevent them producing the skin color melanin.

The Albino Panda lacks the Species, “ Trademark black splotches and has got unique red eyes. Neither characteristic is thought to have harmed the animal, which scientists describe as “ healthy looking”.

The cameras that has captured the footage were placed strategically throughout the Wolong National Reserve in the hope of monitoring the White Panda after Researchers have determined its likely patterns.

Presently there exist fewer than 1900 wild pandas, most of which live in Southwestern China, The World Wildlife Fund downgraded the species from Endangered to vulnerably following the successful repopulation efforts, although it remains dependent on human-led conservation efforts.

Pandas have large, bear like mamals, they have got a stocky build and are generally larger when compared to other bear species. An Adult panda can reach a height of about 2 to 3 feet at he shoulder when on all fours.

The primary coloration of their fur is white, which covers most of their body, however, pandas has got distinct black patches on their ears, eye patches, limbs and shoulders. These black patches create a striking contrast against the white fur. Rarely, this Panda is only known Albina Panda in the world. This is fascination.

Check out the video captured by camera of Albina Panda.


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