Padma Lakshmi Makes Tamarind Rice in Honour of Kamala Harris

Padma Lakshmi Makes Tamarind Rice in Honour of Kamala Harris

Padma Lakshmi Makes Tamarind Rice in Honour of Kamala Harris


Padma Lakshmi cooked tamarind rice, Kamala Harris's favourite dish and shared the recipe on Instagram.


Author, model and TV have Padma Lakshmi cooked Tamarind Rice to pay tribute to US Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris ahead of Inauguration Day on January 20. On Instagram, Padma Lakshmi exhibited the method of cooking Tamarind Rice and said that it is one of her favourite dishes just as Kamala Harris's.

Padma Lakshmi's Post on Instagram

In another video that has turned into a web sensation, Padma Lakshmi, gorgeous as ever in a dark top and leggings, prepared Tamarind Rice in her kitchen. Padma Lakshmi said, "So, in honour of our new Vice President Kamala Harris, I am making here today, a typical South Indian rice, that happens to be her favourite as well as mine. This is a great thing to have."

She shared moment subtleties while preparing Tamarind Rice and in the brief video, explained the recipe bit by bit.

Tamarind Rice Recipe

According to Padma Lakshmi's guidelines, Tamarind Rice starts by dousing tamarind in water and making a paste. After 30 minutes, strain the mash and put it aside. On the other hand, you may utilize readymade tamarind pulp also.

It would be best if you dry roast fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, three dried chillies, and white sesame seeds in a wok. Take it off the heat once done. Let it to cool and crush the ingredients into a fine powder. Broil peanuts. They will form a "buttery crumble and will not remain crunchy."

Then, in a container, add sesame oil. When it warms up, add mustard seeds, red chillies and chana dal. As it splutters, add curry leaves. Blend well. Add broiled peanuts. Saute for some time and add the tamarind pulp. Blend well. Add some water and cook it. Add salt to taste, turmeric and hing. Cover and cook it. Add some jaggery. Blend well. When the oil isolates, put the spice blend. Add cooked rice into the container and blend well. Serve hot.

Padma Lakshmi wrote in the caption, "We made Tamarind Rice in honor of our new VP @kamalaharris. I know we're all waiting on tomorrow with bated breath. Here's one of my (and Madam VP's) favourites to tide you over."

Watch the video that has gone viral:

About Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, who served as the United States Youth Senator for California since 2017, was elected a the Vice President of the United States during the 2020 elections. A member of the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris will take office on January 20, 2021. alongside President-elect Joe Biden. She is the first woman, the first colour and the first vice president of the United States of South Asia.

About Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi is a supermodel and hosted the Emmy Award-winning Top Chef cooking contest since 2006. She has also published four books: Three cookbooks Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet; The Encyclopedia of Spices & Herbs: An Essential Guide to the Flavors of the World; Easy Exotic and a memoir Love, Loss, and What We Ate.

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