Meet Kuwar Amritbir Singh And His Unconventional Journey To Guinness World Record For push-ups

Meet Kuwar Amritbir Singh And His Unconventional Journey To Guinness World Record For push-ups

  • Discover how Kuwar Amritbir Singh, a young fitness enthusiast from Punjab, has shattered fitness records without ever setting foot in a gym or relying on supplements.
  • Read about his groundbreaking achievements, including his recent Guinness World Record for push-ups on finger tips with a twist.

Kuwar Amritbir Singh, a twenty-one-year-old hailing from Umarwala village in Batala, Punjab, has gained recognition for his unique and unconventional fitness methods that have propelled him to break numerous fitness-related records.

Despite never stepping into a gym or resorting to protein supplements, Kuwar's distinctive training techniques have allowed him to achieve remarkable feats in the realm of fitness. His most recent accomplishment involves securing a Guinness World Record for completing the most push-ups on finger tips within a minute while carrying a 20 lb pack on his back.

This accomplishment was officially acknowledged by the Guinness World Records website, marking Kuwar as the first person to attain this particular record. Kuwar's journey to this achievement commenced on March 7, culminating in an impressive video of him performing 86 push-ups, which he shared on his Instagram. Watch the video:

His innovative approach to fitness, exemplified by previous records like knuckle push-ups and superman push-ups, sets him apart from his peers. Notably, he has fashioned a makeshift gym using materials like bricks, sand-filled gunny bags, and cemented plastic cans in a cattle shelter at his Umarwala village home.

By adhering to a natural diet and embracing resourceful training methods, Kuwar has consistently defied conventions and proven that dedication and creativity can lead to exceptional feats in the world of fitness.

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