In Less Than 24 Hours, The Abandoned Dog Finds A New Family

Image Taken from the video clip

Image Taken from the video clip


  • A new family adopted it after the video got circulated within less than 24 hours after it which was first aired on local television.
  • A teenage boy was captured in the video clip, wearing sneakers, white shorts, and a t-shirt.

A video witnessesa dog whose owners left it by the side of the road. A new family adopted it afterthe video got circulated withinless than 24 hours after it which wasfirst aired on local television. Horizon City, Texas produced the video. Joy Dominguez, who was in the vicinity performing another errand at the time, filmed the video clip.

Ateenage boy was captured in the video clip, wearingsneakers, white shorts, and a t-shirt. While departingthe passenger side door of a silver Jeep SUV in the video clip as the dog rests on the side of the road, the youngster untangles its leash. As the boy re-enters the vehicle, the dog wanders briefly onto the field near the road's shoulder. After that, the vehicle pulls away, and the dog chases after it. As the automobile races away, the dog dashes into the middle of the street.

Meanwhile, the animal cruelty unit of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation to find the family who abandoned the dog. Abandoning an animal is a class A misdemeanor. If found guilty, offenders could face up to a year in county jail or a $4,000 fine. A local veterinarian inspected the abandoned Husky and determined that it was in good health. The dog was subsequently placed in the care of a local animal rescue organization. When the Clappsaddle family viewed the video, they quickly contacted local officials to inquire about adopting the dog.

However, some animal shelters in Florida, Virginia, and other states have allegedly taken in more canines since pandemic restrictions were relaxed around the country. These accounts sparked fears that people who had adopted pets during the pandemic were about to abandon them. While theorganizations also claim that no dramatic increases in pet abandonment have been observed by shelters around the country.

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