Tragic Shooting Incident Unfolds In Northeast Delhi: Police Officer Killed, Assailant Commits Suicide

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  • A 44-year-old man shot a police officer and injured another person before taking his own life in northeast Delhi.
  • The incident, allegedly stemming from a financial dispute, prompts investigations into the tragic event unfolding at a flyover.

A tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday morning at the Meet Nagar flyover near Nand Nagri in northeast Delhi, where a 44-year-old man shot and killed a police officer, identified as Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Dinesh Sharma, while he was riding a motorcycle. The assailant, known only by his first name Mukesh and residing in a slum cluster in Nand Nagri, then turned the gun on himself in an auto-rickshaw, ending his own life. Additionally, he fired at another scooter rider, Amit Kumar, injuring him, and attempted to shoot the auto-rickshaw driver, who narrowly escaped unharmed.

According to initial investigations, Mukesh was acquainted with the deceased officer and allegedly had a financial dispute with him, claiming that Sharma had borrowed ₹5 lakh but failed to repay. Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast) Joy Tirkey stated that the motive behind the crime is still under investigation, with authorities exploring all possible angles.

The sequence of events unfolded as Mukesh first targeted a biker on the flyover, then fired at a scooter rider before boarding the auto-rickshaw. After a brief confrontation with the auto-rickshaw driver, during which shots were fired but the driver managed to avoid injury, Mukesh took his own life inside the vehicle.

The tragic incident resulted in the death of ASI Dinesh Sharma and left Amit Kumar injured, who is currently receiving medical treatment. Police recovered multiple live rounds and spent bullet casings from the scene, leading to the registration of a case for murder, attempted murder, and firearm usage at the Jyoti Nagar police station. Investigations continue to uncover the full circumstances surrounding this distressing event.

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