Baby Dies After Mother Mistakenly Places Her In Oven For Nap

Baby Dies After Mother Mistakenly Places Her In Oven For Nap

  • Read about the heartbreaking case where a baby girl in the US lost her life after her mother accidentally placed her in an oven for a nap.
  • Discover the details of the incident, including the mother's charges, statements from authorities, and potential factors contributing to the tragedy.

According to a report from, a heartbreaking incident unfolded in the US as a baby girl tragically passed away after her mother mistakenly placed her in an oven for a nap. The distressing event occurred on a Friday afternoon in Missouri when police officers responded to a call about a one-month-old baby who was not breathing. Upon arriving at the residence in Kansas City, authorities discovered severe burns on the unresponsive infant, who was pronounced dead at the scene, a situation described as "gruesome" by law enforcement.

First responders indicated that the mother inadvertently placed the baby in the oven instead of her crib for a nap. An arrest warrant revealed that the child's clothing was charred and fused to her diaper, with the home emitting the odor of smoke, as reported by Daily Express US. Furthermore, a scorched baby blanket was discovered at the site.

However, no further details were provided to explain how such a tragic mistake occurred, and additional circumstances surrounding the incident remain undisclosed.

In the meantime, the baby's mother, identified as 26-year-old Mariah Thomas, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office stated that Thomas is facing the Class A felony of Endangering the Welfare of a Child in the 1st Degree, resulting in the child's death.

Jackson County prosecuting attorney Jean Peters Baker expressed gratitude toward all first responders and prosecutors involved in handling the case. She acknowledged the harrowing nature of the tragedy and conveyed condolences for the loss of the precious life, while also expressing trust in the criminal justice system to address the situation appropriately.

A friend of the mother suggested that Mariah Thomas' mental health might have contributed to the tragedy. They described the baby as a "very bubbly" child who was "smiling all the time."

Currently, Ms. Thomas is in custody at the Jackson County Detention Center.

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