Hyderabad: SDIF provides free oxygen for patients

SDIF provides free oxygen for patients

SDIF provides free oxygen for patients


With an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases in the City, the demand for medical oxygen is high

Kingkoti: With an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases in the City, the demand for medical oxygen is high. Lack of oxygen is conributing to fatalities. As the majority of the State-run Covid patients find it difficult to secure admission to hospitals as the process is lengthy. Observing the fatal cases, theSocial Data Initiative Forum (SDIF) has placed free medical oxygen cylinders for patients at the entrance of three government hospitals.

As the State is witnessing shortage of hospital beds--especially oxygen and ventilator beds--the SDIF prompt action in providing cylinder gives a big relief to the patients. SDIF is striving hard to save their lives by providing them oxygen supply when they need it the most.

According to SDIF representitves, who have witnessed several cases when patients died due to lack of oxygen despite reaching the entrance of hospital, "due to the heavy inflow of patients and lack of beds, the admission process in hospitals, especially government, has become lengthy. Therefore, the organisation kept several filled medical oxygen cylinders at the entrance of Gandhi hospital, Chest Hospital and Hyderabad District Kingkohi Hospital with trained staff, free of cost. It is being utilised to keep the oxygen saturation of patients stable during the period of their arrival to the hospital and completion of admission formalities," said SDIF volunteer Khalid Saifullah.

Daily more than 200 patients are being benefited by the facility. In Gandhi Hospital a total of 12 oxygen cylinders have been placed, while five each are available at Chest Hospital and Kingkoti Hospital. SDIF advisor Syed Amjad said the facility has reduced the casualties. He said the forum was also making arrangements to start a similar service at other Covid treating hospitals. "Our intention is only to save as many lives as we can. We are identifying the specific needs of Covid patients and trying to extend the required help to them and their families. This is a pandemic situation and we must focus only on saving lives and helping each other," added Amjad.

Meanwhile, SDIF founder Mohd Azam Khan informed that, besides providing oxygen cylinders at government hospitals, SDIF, along with Access Foundation and Safa Baitul Maal, is arranging oxygen cylinders and concentrators for home isolation patients. "Many Covid patients belonging to the poor and middle classes cannot procure an oxygen cylinder or a concentrator either due to lack of money or awareness. Since the drop in oxygen saturation levels could prove fatal, such patients or their relatives could approach SDIF if they need an oxygen cylinder or a concentrator," he added.

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