Fragile Cong leadership playing spoil sport in Rajendranagar

Fragile Cong leadership playing spoil sport in Rajendranagar

Groupism, lack of leader-cadre coordination force party to play second fiddle

Ranga Reddy: Despite an arguable increase in voters in Rajendranagar, the current scenario may not help the Congress to gain ground in the constituency, especially when the upcoming Lok Sabha elections have reached a crescendo. A fragile state of party leadership is said to be a primary reason making difficult for it to stay strong against the BRS, led by four-time MLA T Prakash Goud.

In spite of a strong anti-incumbency against the BRS government and a public outrage against the MLA, the Congress fails to cash-in on opportunity to turn the tide or at least hand a tough fight to the pink party in the constituency.

Located on southern part of the city, Rajendranagar is one among the seven constituencies of the Chevella LS segment. The constituency consists of three mandals--Rajendranagar, Gandipet and Shamshabad. The Rajendranagar mandal comes under GHMC limits covering five divisions-- Rajendranagar, Shastripuram, Mailardevpally, Attapur and Suleman Nagar.

However, Gandipet and Shamshabad mandals are largely represented through municipal administration that includes one corporation and three municipalities--Bandlaguda Jagir Municipal Corporation and Shamshabad, Manikonda and Narsingi municipalities.

Records show the Rajendranagar constituency has 599,778 voters, including 310,863 men and 288,684 women.

Of the three top contestants--Prakash Goud (BRS), Tokala Srinivas Reddy (BJP) and Kasturi Narender (Congress)--who tried their luck in the recent elections, only Goud managed to win, that too for the fourth time. Although the BJP gave a tough fight to secure the second place, the Congress candidate had failed to retain the second spot the party managed to secure in the last elections.

Presently, there is no leader in the Congress with a capacity to take a lead and manage the warring groups in the three mandals of Rajendranagar constituency. Party constituency in-charge Kasturi Narender--who tasted defeat in the recent elections--holds a grip only in the Manikonda area, under Gandipet mandal, by virtue of being the Manikonda municipal chairman. However, he is facing a strong no-trust campaign from ward members who recently placed a no-confidence letter before the district collector and are waiting for an appropriate communication from the authorities.

Says Mahender, a community activist,"lack of coordination, proper management and dwindling faith among leaders and cadre of the Congress in Rajendranagar squarely speaks about groupism in the party." This situation, he said, led to the party's recent election loss. It could have easily won if leaders did appropriate planning. The chance was missed despite a strong anti-incumbency against both the previous government as well as the presence of BRS MLA in the constituency.

Says Syed Shoukat Ali, a senior politician based in Rajendranagar, "there is a need to strengthen the Congress in the constituency by introducing a more proactive leader if the party is serious to check groupism and seek a resounding mandate in the LS elections."

However, there are some enthusiastic Congress leaders who still see party position improved and strengthened in Rajendranagar that helps win a strong mandate in the elections.

Says Shekhar Yadav, president, Shamshabad Mandal Congress,"we are sure the party will gain strength in Rajendranagar constituency and win a strong public mandate in the elections." He maintained "whoever the Revant Reddy government selects as candidate from Chevella we will strive hard to ensure his victory with a strong public mandate in party's favour."

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