Sad could not win 20 seats: CM

Sad could not win 20 seats:  CM

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed his views on the Lok Sabha election results, noting the mixed outcomes for the Congress party in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed his views on the Lok Sabha election results, noting the mixed outcomes for the Congress party in Karnataka. “We did not meet our expectations in terms of seat count. We hoped for 15-20 seats but managed to secure nine, up from just one in 2019,” Siddaramaiah told reporters.

The Chief Minister highlighted the changes in vote shares compared to the previous election. “This time, we received 45.34% of the votes, while the BJP got 46.04%. In 2019, BJP had 51.38%, and we had 31.88%. Our vote share has increased significantly, whereas BJP’s has fallen by 5%,” he noted. Siddaramaiah emphasised the need to analyse the impact of the government’s guarantee schemes on these results.

Despite aligning with the JD(S), BJP’s vote share decreased in Karnataka, and JD(S) also saw a decline compared to 2019. Siddaramaiah pointed out that even at the national level, the Congress vote share increased, and the BJP failed to secure a majority. “The BJP lost its simple majority at the centre. Modi’s wave was not evident anywhere in the country, which has impacted his popularity. We cannot yet say who will form the government,” he remarked.

Siddaramaiah criticised Modi’s campaign strategies, stating, “Towards the end of the election, Modi sought votes based on religion and God, and falsely claimed that Congress would revoke reservations for the backward classes. Despite these tactics, the BJP did not secure a majority. The NDA lost 64 seats compared to the last election, marking a significant defeat for the BJP at the national level.”

He further argued that Modi lacked the moral right to continue as Prime Minister after this defeat. “Opposition leaders and chief ministers were jailed, and despite threats involving the ED, IT, and CBI, the people did not grant BJP a majority. Even in Ayodhya, a significant symbol for the BJP, they were defeated. This clearly marks a setback for the party.” The election results, according to Siddaramaiah, indicate a broader acceptance of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party. “Rahul Gandhi’s two yatras have resonated with the people. He won decisively in both constituencies he contested, reflecting widespread support for Congress and its vision for democracy and the constitution.” Siddaramaiah stated, “While the BJP won more seats in Karnataka, their vote share declined, reflecting a drop in their popularity. Nationally, the BJP’s influence has diminished significantly since 2019, making the formation of the new government at the centre uncertain.”

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