Will lockdown become inevitable once again?

Will lockdown become inevitable once again?

Will lockdown become inevitable once again?


Our country is struggling hard to cope with the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases as the country is in the grip of a second wave of Coronavirus

Our country is struggling hard to cope with the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases as the country is in the grip of a second wave of Coronavirus. This is a global phenomenon and even Europe is not spared. But the grim fact is that India has sadly overtaken all other coronavirus-infected countries in the world causing consternation. Some of the countries in Europe have already imposed lockdowns and our Prime Minister's declaration that the country will not be locked down at any rate is not wise. One week imposition of lockdown would be an ideal one considering the grave situation in the country. As prevention is better than cure, it is better for our country to remain locked down for at least one week to contain the spread of this pandemic.

It is true that people have gotten used to Covid-19 pandemic and are less concerned about it. In effect, people started throwing caution to the wind. People thought that the Covid-19 pandemic would retreat and disappear in due course of time. But Coronavirus proved otherwise and it stayed back killing hundreds of people in India and millions worldwide. As a matter of fact, people began to lower guard against the pandemic, and thus, they stopped wearing masks, mingled with others without keeping the covid protocol.

So, the surge is the direct result of our vigil having been lowered and flagrant violations of covid rules. What must be remembered at this time of introspection is that we must maintain personal hygiene, use masks compulsorily, wash hands quite often and maintain social distance. As a matter of fact, our country needs a real lockdown now, when the Covid cases are on the rise.

Appalling thing is that coronavirus has spread to every nook and cranny of the country, and we need strict exercises to contain it. Candidly speaking, it has gone out of our control causing mayhem. Individuals can protect themselves by wearing masks and frequent washing of hands with soap and running water, and strictly observing social distancing. It is to be remembered that if we strictly follow Covid protocols, not only do we stop the spread of the coronavirus, but also, we kill it without being transferred to others. However, the country is in the grip of a severe second wave of coronavirus and there is no shortcut to cure it except through administration of vaccine, which is in acute shortage.

The only best option now lies before the government is to lock down the country at least for one week so that the pace of spreading of the pandemic can be arrested. Moreover, at this juncture, the government must be considerate towards its people, who have been hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic. A slew of relief packages also must be announced by the government to mitigate the suffering of people caused by the Covid-19 pandemic including moratorium on various loans from the nationalized and private banks.

T K Nandanan, Kochi

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