MyVoice: Views of our readers 8th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 8th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 8th May 2021


KCR vs Eatala: Caution advised It is true that individuals from several backgrounds make a political party strong. No single individual can take th...

KCR vs Eatala: Caution advised

It is true that individuals from several backgrounds make a political party strong. No single individual can take the credit for building a party like TRS in Telangana.

It is also equally important no party leader like Eatala Rajender who is a minister of Health in the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao's cabinet, for the nineteen or more years, cannot be undermined and to be jettisoned from the ministry, just like that on the land grabbing case that is alleged against him, without giving him a fair hearing by the Chief Minister.

This will send a negative message to the people of Telangana who are aware of the political background of each and every minister in the cabinet.

If Eatala's removal is based on the land grabbing allegation, the people of Telangana know that Eatala is not the only one to be blamed against the charge, as there are many others too, with similar blemishes and allegations.

If the allegation is to be sincerely probed, there will barely be any minister above board that includes KCR and family. Any rash and irrational step to remove a senior member in the party will not augur well for the party at a time when TRS is attempting to consolidate the party position in the State.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

BJP out of tune with public mood

In all the elections held of late the BJP is either losing or it is failing to get desired result forcing it to adopt undemocratic means to form government even after visibly losing. Such repeated falls and the recent failure in the much hyped election in West Bengal should be seen as strong resentment of the people over its policies and programmes.

The economy of the country started its downward trend from the very year of this party assuming office. Even before coming out of the perils of dwindling economy the pandemic got the nation in its firm grip. But the ruling dispensation has utterly failed in tackling both the devils.

Instead of attending to the crisis properly the rulers were found to be in euphoric mood with passing of certain Bills with far reaching impacts related to power, agriculture, education, wealth creating working class and so on. The anger of the people shown through elections outcome is not taken into cognisance at all.

At least now the party is expected to understand the mood of the people and work hard to provide livelihood to the poor mass and employment to the educated youth. It is also a strong signal not to proceed with its programme like 'One nation one election, one nation one party one culture' etc. People are longing for the government to govern.

A G Rajmohan, Anantapur

A divorce much followed

The obsession of the middle class with the rich and famous has led to a lot of interest in the divorce proceedings of Melinda and Bill Gates. There is a flood of memes on the social media which indicate the level of interest of the common people.

The marriage has had a longer shelf life than most western unions and the cause for this separation is not clear.

The division of the assets is of great interest to people and is a reflection of the priorities of society today. For most Indian divorce is unacceptable, but at 65 is incomprehensible!

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

Right decision by SC

It refers to Supreme Court justified order dated 05.05.2021 turning down reservation for Marathas in Maharashtra holding that total reservation cannot exceed 50-percent.

Vote-bank politics make state-governments pass useless legislations requiring reservation to more categories which may exceed upper-limit of 50-percent total reservation, very well knowing that Supreme Court will turn down any legislation. Such politics on reservation unnecessarily creates unrest and lawlessness in sections which are affected by Supreme Court order.

Complete policy of reservation is in itself a big failure when it could not homogeneously mix people of reserved-categories in the society in stipulated 15 years initially fixed by constitution-makers and now for more than seven decades after independence.

In present era, policy of reservation is itself responsible for alienating persons of reserved categories from normal society by making them identified separately.

Reservation if to be continued indefinitely, all reserved categories like SC, ST or OBC should be merged into one single category with an annual review of progress or benefits made by different casts or tribes by virtue of Reservation.

Communities with maximum postings or admissions may be deleted from reserved categories by taking these as creamy layers. Also since backwardness in reserved categories is due to their generally having large families, benefits of reservations may be reserved for persons or families with upto two children only.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Avoid witch-hunt in West Bengal

It is deplorable that the post-poll violence in West Bengal has taken 16 lives of poor karyakartas belonging to warring political parties TMC and BJP. The attack on the convoy of Union minister who is on fact finding mission,one day after Didi's take over as CM is condemnable for two reasons. (Union min's convoy attacked in Bengal, THI, 7 May) .

First of all , law and order is state subject and there was no need for Centre's interference because a highly competent, third time CM is at the helm of affairs and therefore should have allowed time for Didi to crush the monster with iron hand.

Secondly, this blame game , and fact finding missions by BJP teams will add fuel to the existing fire. It will be useful for motivated campaigns and mudslinging on each other, but not serve the purpose of peace and tranquility.

Therefore the BJP and TMC should give up violent politics and choose Gandhian path of non-violence to establish peace in WB .

P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

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