MyVoice: Views of our readers 7th May 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th January 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th January 2023


Views of our readers

The immortal spell of Tagore

May 7 is the birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, the Noble Laureate who brought global recognition and veneration for the Indian literature and showed to the world the greatness and the eternal value of glorious Indian culture through his literary works. On his birth anniversary, as Indians, proud of this great son of Mother India, we should pay glowing tributes to this universal bard, recalling the beauty and immortal spell of his marvellous poetry.

Tagore is matchless and unique in the sense that there is no literary genre that remains untouched by Tagore. A myriad-splendored genius, Tagore as a poet, playwright, story-writer, novelist, composer, painter, educationist, social-reformer, orator, enriched enormously varied fields and left an indelible stamp of his robust, distinctive, colourful, creative personality of his colourful personality. He is not merely an Indian poet as his poetic vision is universal and transcends all the narrow barriers of nationality. He is an Internationalist - a citizen of the world with his universal vision, bridging the East and the West. That’s why he is justifiably hailed as the VISWAKAVI and his poetry is still widely read, appreciated and admired even in this age of computers and much-hyped pulp-fiction.

In 1913 , Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ won him the much – coveted, prestigious Nobel prize for Literature, establishing his position as the Master-poet and ‘The crowned king of the Muse.’ To him, God, nature and man, though three separate and different entities , are inalienable from one another. He sings of the beauty of nature, love of God and man. Poems in ‘Gitanjali’ in unbroken chain celebrate beauty and love in countless and varied ways as Tagore’s poetic conception of beauty and love are interlinked with each other and are the manifestations of the SUPREME and THE DIVINE.

Tagore, being an ardent adorer of nature and in deep intimacy with nature, sings so mellifluously and ecstatically of the beauties of nature in his poetry. There are many such poems in Gitanjali, celebrating the beauties of nature in spellbinding fashion. One such poem on nature, unveiling the beauty of morning reads: “The morning sea of silence broke into ripples of birds songs and the flowers were all merry by the roadside; and the wealth of gold was scattered through the rift of the clouds.”

He does not believe in the philosophy of renunciation. He chants, “Deliverance is not for me in renunciation. I feel the embrace of freedom in a thousand bonds of delight.” The poet’s zest for life and his insatiable lust for simple joys and beauties of life is undying. Tagore sings, “No, I will never shut the doors of senses. The delights of sight and hearing and touch will bear thy light.” The bard demonstrates that only through the enjoyment of beauties of nature, man can understand God’s creation well that will ultimately blossom into deep love for God. So he asks his fellow human-beings to seek salvation in myriad worldly attachments and bondages.

”Come out of thy meditations and leave aside flowers and incense. What harm is there if thy clothes /become tattered and stained? Meet him and stand by him in toil/ and in sweat of thy brow.” ‘Work is worship’ is what Tagore emphasises with religious intensity. The spirit of humanism and patriotism is well manifested in such ideas of Tagore.

Tagore is a true patriot. The poem, ‘Where the mind is without fear,’ best illustrates the love of his country and people. He likes to see India as free, glorious nation. He is quite aware of the truth that it is not the soil of the nation, but the people who make the country glorious. So he asks his country people to be free from narrow-mindedness and false hood and to embrace truth, freedom, true knowledge, self-esteem, fearlessness, broad mindedness, perfection and reason. He prays to God, “Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

More than a century elapsed since ‘Gitanjali’ won the Nobel Prize. Tagore’s poetry continues to exert its immortal spell on the minds of not only the present generation, but also generations to come and Tagore ever remains enshrined in the hearts of the adorers of poetry, as THE UNIVERSAL POET.

– Dr Venugopala Rao Kaki, Kakinada

Douse the flames of Manipur at earliest

The direction of the Manipur High Court on 27th March to the state government led by BJP to consider grant of ST status to Meitei community has sent shockwaves across the state. The other communities like Kuki-Zom and the Nagas are strongly opposing it as they feel this would reduce their chances both in employment and in admissions in educational institutions. So, they are resorting to vandalism under the leadership of students unions. It is reported that nearly 9,000 people are displaced in the state. Organisations like NDRF, SDRF, Assam Rifles, RAF and others under are hard put to control the riots and instill confidence among the victims.

However, it is better to accord STs status to Meiteis or other communities as per the definitions of first Backward Classes Commission led by Kaka Kalekar in 1953 and the Union tribal affairs ministry as both definitions strongly emphasised isolation and backwardness as soul criteria for according STs status to any community irrespective of religion. So, both the Central and the State governments must take measures to stop the agitation before it escalates to other North-Eastern states. The people at helm of affairs must remember that Manipur is a border state of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

– Pratapa Reddy Yaramala, Tiruvuru (AP)

It is most unfortunate and regrettable that many were killed in the Manipur riots followed by protests by All Tribal Students Union against the proposed ST status to Meitei community (The Hans India,6/5). It is nothing but a clash between two groups of downtrodden desiring to enjoy benefits of reservations. It is being observed that a number of castes with social backwardness, which are not included in OBC and ST SC, have been demanding to include in the reservation category in some of the states including minorities. Even some castes in OBC are demanding to include them in SC/ST category. Thus reservations have become a golden spoon for all as every one wants reservation quota and enjoy benefits including creamy layer families, which is exceeding 50 per cent as per Supreme Court judgement. Even then some States are exceeding it.

If many unreserved castes demand reservation, there will be stiff competition for the existing reservation category. If every caste demands reservation, the value and importance of reservation comes down. Then what about so-called upper castes whose percentage comes down rapidly as many castes are included in OBC, SC/ST? Thus upper castes become minorities in the quota. I am afraid, in the years to come most of the castes might agitate for reservations resulting in more competition among themselves than unreserved castes in educational institutions, jobs, benefits from govt etc. In view of more castes demanding reservations and existing reserved categories protesting, there might be Manipur-type agitations all over the country. With this scenario, to maintain unity in diversity, reservations on caste basis must be scrapped and the economic status, income of family from all sources has to be taken into account, excluding govt employees from reservation quota and only the poor can be considered. All poor must be helped financially to any extent to complete studies at any level. It is easy to say but very difficult to implement as the decades-old reservations issue gained roots with political patronage.

– JP Reddy, Nalgonda

Pak duplicity called out

As Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) council of foreign ministers meeting at Benaulim, Goa, underlines peace and cooperation between member countries, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar launched a scathing attack on terrorism by stating victims of terrorism and perpetrators of terrorism cannot sit together, despite the peace overtures of Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto.On many occassions in the past, Pakistan made a climbdown every time its lies were nailed. Even as Jaishankar reminded the member-states that combating terrorism was one of the original mandates of the SCO, Bilawal briefing the Pakistani media that ties should not be allowed to remain hostage to history is laughable. Pakistan’s biggest problem is radicalisation of terrorism in the country. Jaishankar drove home every point clearly to remind Pakistan that terrorism and talks cannot go together. This should catalyse a rethink by Pakistan Army, ISI, and the government, otherwise there is no hope to normalise relations on account of exposure of Pakistan’s duplicity in the past. All in all, Jaishankar categorically mentioned that talks now are not appropriate while people are dying on the border and ceasefire violations continuing to happen on our borders. As the ball is in the court of Pakistan, it is for Pakistan to mend fences before any resumption of talks.

– K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

Atreya’s lyrics – A harmony of word & thought

Acharya Atreya firmly believed that, “the sweetest songs are those that tell of sweetest thoughts and elevated the stature of cine lyrics to Himalayan heights and dignity and earned the title ‘The poet of the human heart.’

Born at Mangalampadu in Nellore on 7, May 1921, Kilambi Venkata Narasimhacharyulu, later known as Atreya, was a lyricist, poet philosopher, playwright ,director, producer and actor – all rolled into an adorable one. Atreya wanted to settle down as a teacher and even underwent training. He also worked as a clerk in a court. He also participated in the Quit India movement. For some time, he was also under the spell of Mahatma Gandhi. But the stark realities in society soon disillusioned him and he embraced communism in his later years. Aware of his poetic potential, he stated writing poems in his teens and made his cine debut with his first lyric for the movie ‘Deeksha’ in 1951.

Atreya’s uniqueness as a lyricist lies in his ability to chisel out words, breathe the beauty of life into them, invest them with a rare simplicity and charge them with an intensity of feeling and emotion unheard before. Intensely human, he cared little for the cerebral world and made the human heart, its surges and urges, its anguish and ecstasy the central theme of his lyrics. Yet, the bleeding cry of a helpless humanity crushed under the ruthless wheel of fate always moved him to tears and he gave vent to them in a style uniquely his own. He soaked his pen in the sea of tears and tribulations and projected pure and self-sacrificing love as a transcendental force that gave life an identity, a meaning and a purpose. For instance, in the lyrics he penned for the blockbuster ‘Moogamanasulu,’ he says, “the living are the are the sweet memories of the dead. Even if man dies, his heart laden with pure love survives and merges with the beloved’s heart.” As a romanticist, Atreya has few rivals. To him, pure love is a platonic union of two hearts. An instance is the lyric he scripted for the movie, ‘Daagudu moothalu,’ in which a beloved tells her lover, “There is nothing in me which is not yours. In truth, I am nowhere but only in you.”

In the modern cine world wherein the cine songs reek of vulgarity and obscenity, Atreya’s cine lyrics are, indeed, a fresh breeze. He was a multi-faceted genius. The world of drama fascinated him. In his impressionable age, he used to enact Shakespearean characters on the stage and win accolades from thespians like Bellari Raghava. As a playwright, he earned the title ‘Nataka Ratna.’ Such plays, and playlets as NGO, Parivartana, Vastavam, Eenadu, Kappalu, Kappalu,Bhayam, and ‘’Kalakosam and Chaste ye? are immensely topical and popular.

He also directed a movie titled, ‘Vaagdaanam,’ but it failed at the box office. He desiderated to make a movie on saint-composer Annamacharya also but unfortunately, death snatched him away on September 13, 1989.

To conclude, in terms of sensitive adequacy of style, easy lilt, engaging naturalness, splendour of simplicity and the harmony of word and thought, Acharya Atreya’s lyrics are unrivalled.

- S M Kompella, Kakinada

Why BJP will win in K’taka once again

The write-up on poll prediction that this time around it is the turn of the Congress coming to power in Karnataka is difficult to digest. The reason for this is very simple. Congress proved highly inefficient and imbecile when it was in power in the state, doing precious little to improve the state, while the main contender to CM’s post in Karnataka D K Sivakumar was nothing but a money carrier and aptly labelled as ‘Congress Money Bag’ whenever the high command needed cash.

Congress labelling BJP as corrupt is ludicrous. The renegade ex-CM Jagadish Shetter proved more opportunistic and avaricious turncoat in his hunger for power, blaming the BJP for not giving him a ticket to contest. People know for sure that the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre means business, in terms of progress, development and prosperity to the nation while Congress and JD(S) believed always in pandering to the interests of the radical Muslim groups at the cost of the majority community about which the people of well aware of now. The ultimate poll outcome will be that of BJP garnering more seats than before. ‘King maker’ in JD(S) has no scruples whatsoever in shamelessly supporting any party, with a view to reaping a political capital that in fact has paved the way for its own survival and sustenance that will no longer be the story now.

– K V Raghuram, Wayanad

A boon to Kalaburagi

No doubt the proposed mega textile hub at Kalaburagi will be a boon for employment in the region and the Government has to pursue the design in charge mode so as to commission it at the earliest.There’s a lot of concern about jobs for youth in interior and pastoral corridor of Karnataka like Kalaburagi at the present juncture. With this advertisement, the youth are looking up to the textile hub for economic employment. Keeping in mind the once experience, it’ll be a litmus test for the Government to prove that it can follow up on its pledges of furnishing state- of- art draw and play manufacturing installations, common amenities including effluent treatment shops, accommodation for workers, skill training centres and warehouses. A lot of anticipation is riding on the mega hub. Kalaburagi’s strategic position and the prospects of an estimated one lakh people getting jobs from the hub has given it a lot of heft. We’ve seen in the history numerous adverts not being taken to the logical conclusion or devilish detainments dealing a death blow to the pledges by governments. Many are hoping that the Central government won’t allow similar effects to be in this case.

Dr Vijaykumar H K, Raichur

Will Ts Cong Rise Like A Phoenix?

TS Congress leaders are honourable. Emulate them all because they are like good fighters, good teachers and good party workers. They are honourable.

They are honourable for they fight among themselves and for years they have been practising this infighting method only to overcome their ego, sense of self-importance. Some of my foolish friends often ask me if they ever stop fighting among themselves. I laugh and tell them assuringly that these Congress gladiators stop fighting once India becomes a permanent member of the UNO Security Council.

As a teacher, I have all praise for these Congress leaders because they are like good teachers. They have an indomitable spirit. Every day they teach us some new and innovative ways of fighting. They strongly believe that all is not lost and in a fight even with our own party members, we must stand firm and stick to our guns. For them Self is first and foremost before the party or the High Command.”Thaggedele,” inspiring words. Party representatives from Delhi come and go but daring fighting matters all, they strongly feel.

The Congress has a long history as the oldest party. Committed and principled workers are its invaluable assets. Most of them are veterans and have their own conventions and convictions. Every veteran leader is fit to be a CM, they think and behave so.

If the party comes to power in TS this time, I ask the High Command to have CMs like the CM East, the CM West, the CM North and the CM South. Again each CM must have four Deputy CMs under him/her to oversee the development of all the four sides. No Ministers, and nothing. Yes then only the experienced and tired veterans overcome ennui, get their due and egos satiated.

The Doubting Thomases in my circle contend that the Congress Party is now like a house divided against itself and it will not prosper. At the most, they feel that the 2024 Elections will be its last elections in TS. And they hasten to predict that the party will haplessly witness a Biblical exodus sooner or later. I know that it is too early to write the Congress off. But friends laugh at me when I say that these elections will not be a dirge for the grand old party and it will definitely rise again like a Phoenix bird. Let us wait and see.

– M Somasekhar Prasad, Hyderabad

Neeraj joins elite league

Neeraj Chopra has not put a foot wrong ever since he has won Olympics Gold in Tokyo. He won the following medals in 2022, Silver in prestigious Paavo Nurmi Games in Finland, first Gold medal in Kuortane Games, Silver in Stockholm Diamond League, then prestigious Silver medal at the World Athletics Championship in Oregon and ended the 2022 season with Gold in Diamond League, Lausanne, Switzerland.

After his Tokyo Olympics Gold, expectations have been sky high from him for obvious reasons and he has lived up to those lofty expectations. Now to start the 2023 season with a bang he has secured first position in Doha Diamond League. He may now have achieved 90 meters or his personal best 89.94 meter but 88.67 meters was enough to seal the first spot. What makes his latest performance exceptional is the presence of elite thrower like Andersons Peters, Vadlejch Jakub, Yego Julius and Keshorn Walcott. By winning all these medals he has entered into an elite league.

– Bal Govind, Noida

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