MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th May 2021


BJP didn't lose, they won This is in reference to Mr Sambasiva Rao Choda's letter regarding the points 'Here is why BJP lost'. BJP lost? Sorry it d...

BJP didn't lose, they won

This is in reference to Mr Sambasiva Rao Choda's letter regarding the points 'Here is why BJP lost'. BJP lost? Sorry it didn't lose.

They have expanded their footprint to places where they were nowhere. They retained what was already in their kitty,that is Assam. Bengal with no MLAs they have reached 70+.

DB Dayal, Bangalore

How will DMK 2.0 be?

The outcome of Tamil Nadu elections is as predicted in many pre poll surveys. The coming back to power by DMK is not because they have a good track record and it is rather in spite of their not having such a history.

Their last regime was marked by power cuts, water scarcity, land grabbing and religious tensions. The judgement is still awaited in telecom scam case. However the people have voted the party since one more term cannot be given to ADMK and due to TINA (There Is No Alternative) factor.

Splitting of votes by parties like Makkal Neeti Mayyam, AMMK, Naam Tamizhar has helped DMK a lot. Inspite of their continuous Hindu bashing the party has won in most temple towns and it is clear the electorate is generally more concerned about macro level issues only and are willing to support the party on relative merits .

The new government should take all people along and should not please one sect against another. M K Stalin has very long experience and he should drop the controversial promises in the party manifesto.

Priority should be given for Covid control, education and creation of job opportunities and freebies can wait. It should be understood that it is not the sixth term for the party but being first in post Karunanidhi era it is first government of DMK 2.0.

M Raghuraman, Mumbai

Right move to reduce caseload

The Centre's decision to allow MBBS students, BSc, and GNM-qualified nurses for Covid duties is a step in the right direction. The Prime Minister Office has stated that medical and nursing students can be utilised for providing services like teleconsultation and monitoring of mild Covid- 19 cases after due orientation under the faculty supervision.

The medical personnel completing one hundred days of Covid duties will be given priority in forthcoming regular government recruitments as well as financial assistance. Hope that the decision will reduce the caseload on the existing doctors and nurses who are treating Covid patients.

Amit Singh Kushwaha, Satna (MP)

Controlling corona spread into rural India

More than half of India's population lives in villages. The corona epidemic has hurt the villagers more financially than health. This is the reason why the villagers call corona a disease of the rich. Now the corona is slowly spreading all over. Businesses of lakhs of people have been stalled due to repeated lock-downs and government restrictions.

People are returning from the cities to the village after becoming helpless and unemployed. Due to which the cases of corona in rural areas have also increased rapidly. The State-central government's entire focus on corona management is focused on metros and cities.

Most villages do not even have medicines to fight corona, from specialist doctors to infrastructure facilities. At the same time, the bitter truth is that only one or two private doctors in the village treat every disease.

The same is a medical hospital in some villages. If the corona epidemic spreads quickly in the villages, then the government will not be able to stop the villages from getting evacuated. If there is a bad situation about oxygen and beds in the big hospitals which claim big facilities in the cities, then the primary health centers of small villages can be estimated.

At the same time, social distancing and adherence to corona rules in villages is becoming a hindrance for people because there is a huge problem in the villages since summer and one has to bring water from several kilometers away.

Governments should pay special attention to the villages regarding Corona's growing transition. Therefore, the local administration needs to find a place for a temporary hospital of 30 to 40 beds in all villages so that in case of rapid increase in the villages, treatment to the infected people primarily can be provided before reaching the cities.

Mahesh Kumar, Sidhmukh (Rajasthan)

Forget politics, handle pandemic

It looks that most of the assigned lands have been taken by ruling and the opposition leaders if it is the case why we need to survey only those assigned lands , but the present government has to survey assigned lands of Telangana state and due justification has to be done .

It should not be on any individual (Eatela Rajender). We know many other MLAs, cabinet ministers and prominent business corporates also received many allegations and we have seen in few of our TV channels as well.

If the government feels that it is justifying why we need to be partial, people will appreciate it if it is done Impartially by surveying all assigned lands. Hope the present government should concentrate on health issues as the spread of double mutants is intensified further and we need to appreciate the neighbouring state imposed partial lockdown.

We need to safeguard the people of Telangana first as a priority basis. Hope the present state government will act wisely.

Kanagiri SN Prasad, Hyderabad

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