MyVoice: Views of our readers 3rd April 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 3rd April 2024

Views of our readers

BJP a threat to ‘people’s democracy’

Things have now come to such a pass that we have to do all that we can to save democracy. We must raise our voices, fight and vote for democracy. What the BJP does does not inspire confidence in us that democracy and the future of the country will be safe in its hands if it is again voted to power. It is as clear as broad daylight that the BJP as the party in power denies the Opposition parties their rightful space in our democracy. A level playing field is an essential prerequisite for the success of a multi-party democracy. Hobbling Opposition leaders from election campaigns and freezing the bank accounts of the principal Opposition party are not worthy of a democracy. ‘Foul’ is ‘foul and not ‘fair’ in politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fight against corruption has gained rocket speed in this election season! This is while the disclosure of the details of electoral bonds has dented the BJP’s image as a ‘party with a difference’ and dimmed its election prospects. What should worry us all most is that the BJP will change the Constitution to suit its agenda. It may try to reorganise the society based on caste hierarchy sanctified in certain ancient religious texts. It may try to equate nationalism with religion and religion with nationalism. We should ensure that our country does not slide into an electoral autocracy, but blossoms into ‘a people’s democracy’. In the situation currently prevailing in our country, the defence of democracy must take precedence over everything else. We all have a political and moral obligation to defend democracy.

G. David Milton, Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu


Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the Enforcement Directorate has arrested Delhi AAP Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, besides Jharkhand’s Mukti Morcha Chief Minister Hemant Soren and other opposition leaders which only reminds me to that of 1975-77 emergency during the regime of former Congress Prime Minister late Mrs.Gandhi. The then opposition leaders were put behind bars who were speaking truth against the excesses of the then ruling government. What is going now in our country is most unfortunate and unhealthy for India’s democracy and it’s Constitution. However, “truth” will always prevail.

Syed Amjad Ali, Secunderabad

The King is naked

Speaking with journalists from Thanthi TV, PM Modi said that those who are dancing over bond details will repent”. He further added that there is nothing wrong with electoral bonds and there is no setback with a claim that every system has a flaw and it needs to be rectified. The PM went on to claim that the electoral bond system implemented by his administration enabled tracing of funding sources and beneficiaries. If the government’s intention was to trace why then donors were kept anonymous and BJP could have declared donors name on their own instead of getting a directive from SC. PM’s claim that every system has a flaw, in which case why certain policy flaws were painted as scam and so on. The electron bond is indeed a scam and only an independent impartial probe would reveal the truth which I think would be a mirage when the BJP gets their third term through a one sided election.

N Nagarajan, Secunderabad

Divert and rule strategy

It has become routine for BJP to dig old graves to get political mileage. They criticise Congress of ceding ‘Katchatheevu’ island to Srilanka in 1974. At least the ceding of island is in public view, unlike the Chinese intrusions and their occupying of host number of Indian villages near Ladakh and other places. Though, the opposition wants a statement on the matter, BJP is keeping mum on the issue inside the Parliament and to the Press.

P R Ravinder, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad.

Focus on contemporary issues

The Katchateevu islet issue becoming a bone of political contention between rival parties in ongoing general elections is surprising. The matter that was settled fifty years ago by the prime ministers of neighbouring countries should not be dragged in to political campaigning for the short term gains. It would be missing the woods for trees to make easy and hasty remarks on a sensitive issue, especially for the national ruling party as it affects the long lasting diplomatic relations between India and Sri Lanka. Instead of digging the past, all political parties should focus on contemporary issues like unemployment, food security, economic inequalities and such that affect the populace and the nation.

Dr. DVG Sankara Rao, Vizianagaram, AP

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