MyVoice: Views of our readers 31st May 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 31st May 2024

Views of our readers

PM’s remark on Mahatma horrible

Hans story in big bold letters - PM: World did not know of Bapu till film on Gandhi (May 30) - has filled us with surprise and shock. Today’s school going children also know about Gandhi. There are lessons on him in social text books. His portraits are decorated on the walls of educational institutions. I fully know him when I just entered in the elementary school seven decades ago. Wasn’t Modi aware of Gandhi in his scholastic days? Film on Gandhi is shown on his life’s journey only. His image is printed on currency notes since 1969. Gandhi as peace loving person, patriot, cool, calm and sober in attitude was instrumental in achieving freedom to India from the shackles of British rule. Five times he was recommended for Nobel peace prize but this simple living giant honourably refused. He also denied India’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. Had he desired, none could object his candidature as Prime Minister in 1947. He did not wish to be a power monger. All he wanted is peaceful atmosphere throughout the world. Gandhiji was known to the universe from the early period of nineteenth century and many world leaders were inspired by his philosophy. On what basis did Modi make such indecent, undesirable and unacceptable comment on Father of the Nation, is unintelligible to everybody.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad


PM Modi’s comment that “Mahatma Gandhi became popular only after Gandhi movie” is senseless. It is nothing but lack of historical knowledge. Our PM should know that for many decades Mahatma Gandhi has been an icon of modern history in the world. Even before independence, he was a phenomenon that every country admired. He was an inspiration for the whole world. Martin Luther Junior, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, all, were inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Not only in India but across the world, crores of people are following the path of Mahatma Gandhi. Albert Einstein has said about Mahatma Gandhi that the future generation would find it hard to believe that such a man walked on this planet.

Zeeshan, Kazipet

A clear ploy to influence elections

PM’s meditation is nothing but an indirect campaign after the end of canvassing of vote. The PM had gone on a similar meditation exercise in a Kedernath cave after 2019 poll campaign. His meditation at Rock Memorial built in tribute to Swami Vivekananda, in Kanyakumari, may be his personal choice but the airing of event live on TV is definitely a violation of the Model Code of Conduct. It is nothing but a ploy to influence people who will cast their votes in the final phase of elections on June 1. On the voting day, it is a clear and huge propaganda material for BJP.

Zakir Hussain, Kazipet

Why must PM talk of Naveen’s health?

Knowing well that Naveen Patnaik has insurmountable public support in Odisha, and it is impossible to take on him politically, the PM Narendra Modi is seen propagating about ill-health of Patnaik, and a need to probe his coterie in this regard. Modi seems short of ideas of using his central agencies to suppress Patnaik. Come what may, BJP can’t make headway in Orissa.

P R Ravinder, Hyderabad.

Pune Porsce probe raises eyebrows

The initial responses and subsequent handling of Pune Porsce case raise serious questions. From delayed arrests to seemingly lenient charges, the pattern is clear. This undermines public confidence in our legal system and sends a dangerous message that justice can be bought. The families of the victims deserve more than token gestures; they deserve real accountability and justice. It is imperative that the judiciary and law enforcement agencies reaffirm their commitment to impartiality. They must ensure that justice is served irrespective of the accused’s social or economic status. The law should be a great equalizer, not a tool for the privileged. Fellow citizens of the country demand transparency and fairness in this case. We must hold our institutions accountable to uphold the tenet that everyone is equal before the law. Only then can we hope to restore faith in our judicial system and ensure that such tragedies are met with the full measure of justice they deserve.

K Nikitha Rachel Melissa, Secunderabad

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